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English: TV set NEFRYT

English: TV set NEFRYT (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of looking online for good Catholic programing, internet TV primarily. I’ve found several. There is, of course, EWTN. And then there’s Salt & Light, CatholicTV, NETNY, and Telecare. These are all very much worth a Google. One of the best I’ve found, and please note that you have to register to use it but the registration is free and only takes two or three minutes, is Familyland TV Online. They have really good Catholic programing, to much to go into here, and its there when YOU want to watch it. For example they have Bishop Sheen’s “Life is Worth Living” TV series. They change the episodes on a regular basis, but until its changed the current one is available 24/7. All of the other programing, whether weekly or daily, works the same. Is that not a great concept? Good TV, sound Catholic TV, wholesome entertainment, movies, music and more when YOU’RE ready for it, when YOU’RE schedule permits.

Familyland TV Online.