“Count your blessngs.”


Lent (Photo credit: Fr. Stephen, MSC)

Every year, just before Lent, I go to a priest and ask him to give me something to do or not do, a penance, for Lent. My thought is that I’ll either be to hard or to soft on myself when it comes to a penance so I’m not the one who should decide. I normally try to go to a priest who doesn’t know me so that he won’t be in some way biased and that bias effect his decission. Whatever he says is what I go with. This year I decided, the threat of bias aside, to ask my parish priest. His idea was, for me, a bit novel. He told me to write down a blessing everyday and then to consider WHY it was a blessing. I’ve made all sorts of lists over the years, things I’m thankful for, “gratitude” lists, but its odd that I never thought to stop and consider the “Why?”


Tonight I’ve chosen friends as a blessing. That’s straightforward enough. But then comes the “Why?” I came up with several reasons, all obvious, all good. Then the not so obvious came into focus. I thought, “Friends are a blessing because they see the good in me.” I figure a real friend dwells more on my good points than on my bad. But then came another “Why?” Why does a friend look at my positives more than the negatives? This attitude of theirs has nothing to do with me, it has to do with them. You see, it’s not because of the good in me that they see the good in me. That’s not it at all. They see good in me because of the good in them. Which is just one more reason to be thankful for the blessing that is a friend.

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