Resurrect the positive … Wednesday, February 13


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A Rosary Meditation … The First Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection. “This is the day which the Lord hath made: let us be glad and rejoice therein.” Psalm 118:24. There are lots of things to be miserable about in this world if we want to dwell on the downside isn’t there? But we can do better. In fact we’re counseled to do better. “For the rest, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever modest, whatsoever just, whatsoever holy, whatsoever lovely, whatsoever of good fame, if there be any virtue, if any praise of discipline, think on these things.” Philippians 4:8. So we won’t dwell on the downside. We won’t be Pollyanna either. Being miserable or sticking our head in the sand, neither accomplishes anything of any worth. But being positive, having a positive attitude accomplishes a great deal. One of the things we can do to foster a positive outlook is to think about positive things. These positives can put us in the mood to get things done that change the reasons for being miserable and makes the sand look not so inviting. So, something to be happy, joyful, positive about. A funeral. 🙂 Not yours or mine, but His. Ever get tired of being down? Jesus was and is fully human in addition to being fully Divine, so I’m sure He has had His human moments of being down. I’m just as sure He kept a positive attitude. Now, if there was ever a time when any person would get depressed and feel down it would be at their own funeral, don’t you think? But what did He do about it? His own funeral that is. Remember that a positive attitude helps move us forward. And that’s exactly what He did. He moved forward. Tired of feeling bad about His own funeral He decided to leave. Empty tomb. The empty tomb and what it means, or should mean, to us all is the greatest of positives. Sunday is the day the Lord has made, it’s the day He walked away from His own grave, and we have every reason to rejoice and be glad. The Resurrection, Sunday, is His answer to the downside. And Sunday CAN be a 24/7 personal positive if you want it to be. That tomb being empty is a very personal reality for each of us. You see, when He got up and walked out it was to go looking for all us lost sheep. Ask yourself, “What was He thinking about when He stepped out of the grave?” And the answer is, “You.”

Today … St. Benignus. Martyr of Todi, in Umbria, Italy. He was executed during the persecutions conducted by Emperor Diocletian. Here’s one of those positive people, a saint, ready for the One that walked away from His own tomb to release his body from his.

The Downside … For a follower of Jesus, ultimately, there isn’t one.

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