Beauty School … Wednesday, February 6

English: The First chapter of The Imitation of...

English: The First chapter of The Imitation of Christ published by Chapman and Hall in 1878. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Rosary Meditation … The Fourth Glorious Mystery, the Assumption. “Hear, O daughter, and see; turn your ear, for the king shall desire your beauty.” Psalm 44:11, 12. God, seeing Mary’s beauty, her pure spirit, called to her. He called to her through Gabriel and she answered. The result was that she was filled with the Glory of God, God Himself. At the time of her death He calls again. This time the result is that she is assumed into His Glory. If Mary had been the most physically beautiful woman in the world, and without the purity of spirit that is true beauty, there would never have been a “Hear, O daughter …” and there would have been no Glory for her. But there was and is. Assumed into Heaven at her death, God not allowing the decay of death in any way to touch, to mar her beauty of spirit, she resides there now. There’s real love here on both sides, Mary loving God and God loving Mary. Can there be any beauty without love? Regardless how pretty a thing or person may look if there is no love is there really any beauty? And if we don’t have love in our hearts how beautiful are we in God’s sight really? Years ago in finishing schools young ladies were taught how to be beautiful. Dress, deportment, hygiene,  etc. Now days lots of people try to be beautiful by copying the styles of stars and sports heros. Dress this way, fix your hair a certain way, even practice a kind of walk or attitude. We might think that’s very worldly. And what the world has done with these beauty treatments does make them worldly, but I think they, the world that is, actually borrowed the basic concept from us. “Us” being Christians. Mary is a good example of what a person looks like when they take the Christian Beauty Treatment. See where it got her? Assumed into Heaven. So what exactly is this beauty treatment? Well, there are different ways of putting it, various descriptive phrases, etc. But the simplest is, I think, found in the title of a book, the contents of which also comprise a good Christian Beauty Course. And the title says it all. “The Imitation of Christ.”

Today … St. Dorothy. According to her apocryphal tradition, she was a resident of Caesarea, Cappadocia, who when she refused to sacrifice  to the gods during Emperor Diocletian‘s persecution of the Christians, was tortured by the governor and ordered executed. On the way to the place of execution, she met a young lawyer, Theophilus, who mockingly asked her to send him fruits from “the garden” she had joyously announced she would soon be in. When she knelt for her execution, she prayed, and an angel came with a basket of three roses and three apples, which she sent to Theophilus, telling him she would meet him in the garden. Theophilus was converted to Christianity and later was martyred. Her feast day is February 6th. Now THAT’S beautiful.

And … The Imitation of Christ by Thomas À Kempis – Free eBook.

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