We belong in the Lost and FOUND Department … Friday, February 1

The Lord is my Good Shepherd

The Lord is my Good Shepherd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Rosary Meditation … The Third Sorrowful Mystery, the Crowning with Thorns. “Pilate again went outside and said, ‘I bring him out to you, that you may know I find no guilt in him.’ ” Luke 19:4. Why? Why bother? Pilate had the power and the last word. Why make any show of tolerance or understanding? He was a Roman, and a powerful one. These people he was trying to placate? A conquered people who refused to recognize the gods that had helped Rome overcome both them and their false, in Pilates mind, idea of deity. Why not just stand there and  shout, “He is innocent. Now return to your business and do NOT bother me with your idiocy further!” He could have. He was the one with an army of trained soldiers at his disposal. The Jews had a small temple guard at best, and no recourse. So Pilate did this why? We all tend to engage in “people pleasing” activities. Primarily because, and this is just my opinion, we all want to be a part of and not apart from. The Bible compares us with sheep, a herd animal, for a lot of good reasons. Even Pilate, with all his power, couldn’t escape being part of the human race. I’m sure there were reasons other than this one but for now “people pleasing” and our tendency to be part of the group even when we don’t like the group (proving just how ingrained our herding instinct is) is enough to consider in a short space. We only improve when we separate from the herd. Of course when we do this, when we go away from the herd, we are no longer “a part of”. Leaving the group we become “apart from” and that’s a lonely thing. Without the group we’re lost. Lonely, and scary. Sounds terrifying, doesn’t it? That’s why so many please the group regardless, and never, ever leave. Who wants to be alone and scared and LOST? Not Pilate, not you, not me. But we miss the point and more than the point when we stick with the group. You see, it’s the group that’s lost. When we separate ourselves, when we think we’re all alone and lost? Its only then that the Good Shepherd gets the chance to find the lost sheep, you, me. Pity the Pilates of the world, the ones that stick with the group and are lost forever.

Today … St . Pionius. Martyr with Sabinus and Asclepiades. A priest from Smyma, Pionius was put to death with a group of fifteen companions under Emperor Trajanus Decius. They were arrested during a liturgical celebration. Known for his wisdom and abilities as a preacher, Pionius and his companions were ordered to make sacrifices to the gods and, after they refused, they were put to terrible tortures before being burned at the stake. Stood out from the crowd, didn’t he? From a worldly view he was lost, wasn’t he? As a member of God’s Flock, a sheep belonging to the Good Shepherd that found him, in what pasture does he graze now?

And so … If we’re childlike, being a lost sheep, being a prodigal son, being lost gives us the opportunity to be found.

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