Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Manual

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Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Manual.

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Does the Son light hurt your eyes? … Sunday, January 27

Sun Set

Does the sun light hurt your eyes? (Photo credit: Balaji.B)

Today’s Gospel reading is found in Luke 1:1-4, 4:14-21. Luke shares with us what God has given him pertaining to the Gospel of Christ, and here is a part of it. We’re told about how Jesus stood up in the synagogue and read a portion of scripture, prophecy pertaining to Himself, and its fulfillment that very day. We might think of this as Jesus presenting Himself to His people, the Jews, as their long-awaited Messiah. Luke records His “coming out”. This was a sort of beginning for Jesus, a public proclamation, one of the first, of His official standing. Just prior to this He had been tempted by Satan in the desert. Just after this proclamation by Him the people rejected Him. It would seem that His ministry was off to a flying stop.

Have you ever tried to do a thing, an honestly good thing, and been foiled at every turn? If you’re sincerely trying to live a Godly life the answer almost has to be “Yes”. Try doing a good deed and it starts out hard, like His temptation in the wilderness, and then gets harder when the folks who ought to be joyful over the effort and the act trample it underfoot with their doubt and negativity. And there you are, standing outside the synagogue because they threw you out, wondering what went wrong. Don’t they understand? Can’t they see what it is you’re trying to do? And the answer is no, they can’t.

Like it or not we live in a world darkened by sin. The darkness blinds people to the light. Have you ever walked outside after having been in a really dark room? Didn’t your eyes hurt? Did you shield your eyes, protecting yourself from the light that hurt? And this is exactly what people have been doing for nearly two thousand years now. Bring them out of the darkness, or try to, into His marvelous light and see what happens. So, whats to do?

Whats to do? Well, what did He do? You don’t put out the light just because it hurts someones eyes. The truth can be painful and I don’t know of any real way around that. Not a way that works without denial anyway. So we do what He did. Keep letting our little light shine and pray that someone somewhere stands in the light long enough for their eyes to adjust. Because some will. And this is called conversion. This is what we work for, without to great a concern for the downside because the eternity of those who WILL come to the light is more important than any downside. Whats a little discomfort on our part compared with another persons eternity? How comfortable was the crucifixion? We probably won’t be called to anything nearly as uncomfortable. We should be able to withstand a few snide remarks, a few dirty looks, a little personal discomfort. Jesus put up with bad treatment, we’re supposed to follow Him.

Being cast out of a synagogue isn’t so bad if it keeps another from being cast into hell.

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