Someone to look up to … Saturday, January 19

English: Church of the Assumption of the Bless...

English: Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Vilnius. Mother of God with St. Francis. Please notice the direction of his gaze. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Rosary Meditation … The Fourth Glorious Mystery, the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Body and Soul, into Heaven. “Thou art the glory of Jerusalem, thou art the joy of Israel, thou art the honor of our people.” Judith 15:20. Glory, joy and honor. Can you think of a better way to express the love God shows us through Mary? I always remember the question posed to Mother Teresa. Someone asked her, “Whats the big deal with Catholics and Mary?” And Mother Teresa replied, “Simple. No Mary, no Jesus.” It always comes back to Him, but you end up getting to Him through her whether you realize it or not. And her glory, joy and honor are reflections of His just as the moon reflects the sun. If it weren’t for the sun, and the moon’s ability to reflect, we would never see the moon. In a way, we might say that the sun honors the moon by sharing its luminosity. (Don’t try to take me to literally here, I wax poetic. Never did understand what wax had to do with poetry either, ah well.) If Jesus is the express image of the Father, and He is, read Hebrews 1:3, we’d be safe in saying Mary reflects, in a feminine way, Jesus. A priest told me once that if I wanted to see the feminine side of God, and He has one because He made US male and FEMALE and in HIS express image, all I needed to do was look at Mary. This is where, in her, God allows us to see the true beauty of what’s honestly feminine. Given the false information given to us on a daily basis by Hollywood, the fashion industry, and federal governments by way of health “care” mandates, etc. its nice to know that there is someplace (someone) we can turn to for a more realistic, true, honest view of womanhood. And given that because of Him we look to her for this, is it any wonder that He took her to Heaven? Now we know where to look, don’t we? We look up.

Today … St.Fillan, son of Feriach and St. Kentigerna, was also known as Foelan. He became a monk in his youth and accompanied his mother from Ireland to Scotland where he lived as a hermit near St. Andrew‘s monastery for many years, and then was elected abbot. He later resigned and resumed his eremitical life at Glendochart, Pertchire, where he built a church and was renowned for his miracles. Various legends attribute the most extravagant miracles to him. If he had lived today, given attitudes of moderns concerning parents and motherhood in particular, I’d have to say that the most wonderful miracle apparent in his life was that he followed his mother. You get my point. 😉

Motherhood … St. Anselm said: Mary was raised to the dignity of Mother of God rather for sinners than for the just, since Jesus Christ declares that he came to call not the just, but sinners.

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