Let go and let God … Tuesday, January 15

Annibale Carracci - Mocking of Christ - WGA04441

Annibale Carracci – Mocking of Christ – WGA04441 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Rosary Meditation … The Third Sorrowful Mystery, the Crowning with Thorns. “And they spat on Him, and took the reed and kept striking Him on the head.” Matthew 27:30. Have you ever had someone do something cruel to you and then, rather than stop when enough was enough, keep right on doing it over and over again? Jesus knows just how that feels. ” … and KEPT striking Him.” The world seems never to know when to let up. Its caught in a cruel loop, and in considering a “cruel loop” we can think in terms of war or pollution or crime or drug trafficking or whatever manifestation sin takes, and the world can’t seem to break away from it. People even include themselves in the loop, punishing their own mind and body as much as anyone else. The men striking Jesus with the reed were doing more damage to themselves than Him. His wounds would be glorious because they tend towards our salvation. Their wounds, without repentance, would lead only to a bad eternity for themselves. Which fact makes the continuance of such cruelty even harder to understand. But, there is always hope on THIS side of eternity. Patterns of abuse, with God’s help, can be broken. But it takes work on our part. God’s help and His grace aren’t free tickets to escape our own downside. Even after forgiveness there are still consequences and struggles. The forgiveness is free, the grace is a gift, His help is always there if we’ll just ask for it and accept it, but all of these things don’t negate consequences in this life or change our free will into something else. There is, after all His gifts, still our part. He tells us that we must WORK out our salvation with fear and trembling. Philippians 2:12. And a part of this work is to put down the reed and stop beating ourselves and others over the head with it. And this requires another loop, one that we should pray to be caught up in. His free gift, my willingness and work, His free gift, my willingness and work, His free gift, my willingness …

Today … St. Secundina. Martyred virgin. She was a maiden flogged to death during the persecution under Emperor Trajanus Decius in Rome. She knew what it was like to be the victim of the world’s cruel loop. That also means she knew what it meant to be Christ-like. Maybe the next time the world takes a reed to us she would be a good one to turn to as a prayer partner.

Quote … “To convert somebody go and take them by the hand and guide them.” St. Thomas Aquinas. Consider that in taking their hand we’ll both need to let go of the reed first.

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