Jesus laughs … Monday, January 14

Laughing Jesus

Laughing Jesus (Photo credit: greaterumbrage)

A Rosary Meditation … The Third Joyful Mystery, the Nativity. “And she laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.” Luke 2:7. I’ve heard that the wood of the manger prefigured that of the cross. I can see that. But there are times when its better to dwell on the more pleasant aspects of life. Oh, the others, the unpleasant things, can’t be forgotten. But there’s a time and place for everything. I have a small picture of “The Laughing Christ” above the head of my bed. He laughed, I know He did. How do I know? Think about the guys He hung out with. I just can’t see anybody being around Peter on a regular basis with him sticking his foot in his mouth on an even more regular basis and being able to hold in the laughter. Jesus is, after all, just like us in every way but sin. Being human, and He is, He no doubt takes after His parents, Mary His mother and Joseph His foster-father. Being human I know they laughed. And I think about the manger, the safe delivery, the nosy animals peeking over the stacks of hay, the shepherds asking if they could come in, and a new Baby. 🙂 Joy and laughter. Not only had Messiah arrived but there was a new Baby! That’s enough. It’s enough to know that joy is permissible, and that my Jesus laughs.

Today … St. Felix. “A Roman priest of whom nothing is known.” Well, that’s what it said when I looked him up. Oh, give me a break here. Of whom nothing is known? The name Felix means happy. Ah, now we’re well on our way to knowing something.  St. Felix, a Roman priest of whom these things are known: Happy to know Jesus, happy to administer the sacraments, happy at seeing conversions, happy in prayer, happy with bird-song brought to him on a cool breeze, happy with good food and drink, happy with sunshine, happy with needed rain, happy when holding a new baby as he baptized it. Happy enough in following the Christ to laugh with Him.

Pity … Pity the people who can’t laugh while holding a new baby because it was sacrificed so that they could live their lives “free” and to the “fullest”, with all the slavery to self and the emptiness of heart the world holds out to people with its false promises. The “fulfillment” that abortion brings.

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