Dealing with your own pillar … Friday, January 11

Geisselung Veitskirche Heiligenstadt

Geisselung Veitskirche Heiligenstadt (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Put yourself in this picture. Because if you live for Christ, sooner or later the world will put you there anyway.

A Rosary Meditation … The Second Sorrowful Mystery, the Scourging at the Pillar. “This is why I was born, and why I have come into the world, to bear witness to the truth.” John 18:37. Disclaimer: We all like warm and fuzzy. Be aware that some things are cold and prickly at best. Considering this as a given …  The truth is its own reward, but often as not the world doesn’t appreciate the truth because it pricks the conscience. The reward for this pricking, the world’s reward, is, many a time, being beaten either physically or emotionally. The physical beatings are obvious. Turn your back on the world by not going along, not trying to “fit in” (aka “give in”) and it may be that the back turned to the world and it’s ways is now faced with the whip. But emotional beatings aren’t always so obvious. “She thinks she is sooooo good, to good for us.” “Oh, he’s a ‘Christian’, he’s so special.” These are mild versions. “Why don’t you get real?! You’ve got to live in the real world! Stop living a fantasy!” Things denigrate from this point onward. Jesus knew what He was in for from day one. He pulled no punches when He spoke of the cost of discipleship. So whats to be done about it? Fight back? You can’t because He didn’t. If we fight back we’re no better than the one wielding the whip. Give in? That’s never an option. Keep our mouths shut? Sometimes, but at other times to keep silent is just as bad as giving in. So, what? Do what? What did He do? He took it. I’m not saying to be a doormat. He was never a doormat. Ask the people who sold animals and exchanged money in the temple. He stood up and stood firm when needed. But a woman in an abusive relationship needs to LEAVE. A man who’s being passed over for a promotion at work because he’s a Catholic needs a GOOD attorney. The child being harassed at school because they wear a crucifix needs parents who’ll uphold religious liberty by legal means with NO quarter given. Doormatism isn’t discipleship. Its giving place to the enemy. But leaving, attorneys, and confronting a teacher in the principle’s office well armed with legal facts and an obvious willingness to take further action aren’t always viable possibilities. So, when its the next right thing, and that can be a tricky call which is why we have spiritual advisers and confessors to go to for input, we take the beating just like He did. This is never the worlds way, the world always fights back, but it is, when needed, His way. That makes it ours too, if we’re His. It can be a difficult judgement call as to when we stand up as opposed to when we accept the whip. But being willing to be whipped defeats the enemy just as surely as a woman’s shelter, a good lawyer, or pro-active parents ever did. No screaming or begging from us takes all the worldly pleasure out of the beating that the world deals out. It’s not pleasant, but then neither was being tied to the pillar.

Today … St. Boadin, was a Benedictine monk from Ireland who joined that order in France. He was revered for his impeccable observance of the Holy Rule and for his kindness. Think about it. This is pretty simple. He kept the Rule of St. Benedict and he was kind, he was good to others. There is no such thing as a free lunch. All things have a cost attached. How often did family, friends, or even complete strangers chide Boadin for not living in the REAL world? How many times was his kindness repaid with cruel ingratitude? Ask him when you see him. For now just be faithful in following the Catholic rule of faith towards God and love towards others. When the whip comes, in whatever way it comes, and it will come, do the next right thing. And that next right thing is always to follow Jesus. Even when He walks to the pillar.

Remember … When Jesus walked towards Golgotha the faithful women were weeping for Him. He let them know that they should weep for others, because if they, “they” being the world, were doing this with a green tree what would they do with a dry one? Luke 23:31.

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