My Recipe for Tuna Surprise … Revisited

Tuna fisherman Yukinobu Shibata(柴田幸信)

Tuna fisherman Yukinobu Shibata(柴田幸信) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you read the post of a few days back, in reference to my recipe for Tuna Surprise you’ll remember that the surprise was that there’s never any tuna in it. The lack of an ingredient coupled with false advertising got me thinking. With that in mind …

Ever notice how the world sets out lures that promise happiness and then doesn’t deliver? The world and it’s lures, and I suppose that the world’s use of lures proves it’s not just Christians who go fishing for souls, leave out the main ingredient. God. And because of this it can’t deliver the happiness it offers. What we get, in the place of happiness, is a product that shines prettily to get our interest up enough to take the lure, but once the lure is set the shine wears off and the tarnish, impossible for us to remove without the help of God’s grace, sets in immediately.

“Bait and switch” is illegal in the business world. But there is nothing to stop this tactic in the spiritual realm. At least not until Jesus gets back. Then, like the businesses caught in “bait and switch” scams, there will be a judgement made that will put the spiritual “bait and switch” where it belongs.

Til then, we need to be wary consumers. And when offered something that looks oh so wonderful, a pretty lure or tasty bait, remember to check and see what the principle ingredient is. With that in mind, and heart, we can make our own judgement. 1 Corinthians 6:3.

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