Life Changing Simplicity … Sunday, January 6


Crucifix (Photo credit: elycefeliz Simple things can be of great worth. Things needn’t be large or complicated to be effective. In fact I think being to big to handle or to intricate to manage defeats the purpose. With this thought in mind I share the following from personal experience. Just two simple exercises, but they have great worth if pursued with diligence.

The Epiphany. The simplicity of a Baby in His Mother’s arms, and the Light that stems from these, entering into the hearts of shepherds and kings from afar.  The Wise Men brought gifts. Their gifts had both meaning and worth because their hearts were sincere and seeking. But the gift they received that day was worth much more, infinitely more than they could ever give. The Child, and the Mother, were there giving all of themselves. They still give. Putting the gifts to use takes on varying forms. With gifts given, the different forms they take, the Babe and His Mother in mind, consider the following simple things as a “last day of Christmas” gift.

#1: Keep a crucifix on hand. I don’t mean the one on the wall. Keep one in a place where you can pick it up, hold it, look at it. It needs to be large enough to easily see detail, so think in terms of one that’s, oh, say about 6″ long and 4″ wide, roughly. Consider that you are a human being, a creature made up of both physical and spiritual “parts” and that without the one or the other you’re incomplete. Its the way God made us and I don’t doubt that He knew what He was doing and why. This being our nature, human nature, is one of the reasons a resurrection is necessary. The spirit is no more complete without the body than the body is without the spirit. I think this is also one of the reasons that in the sacraments God uses physical means, like water in baptism or oil at confirmation, to confer spiritual graces. A physical object, in this instance the crucifix, can be a wonderful physical connection to spiritual reality.  Keep it handy so that you can pick it up, hold it, feel it, look at it, dwell on what you feel and see. You’ll be amazed at the sermons the wounds will preach, the graces God will give, as you contemplate the crucifix.

#2: Go to the Dollar Store and buy one of those cheap little photo albums. The small ones for about a buck that you slide pictures into, the pages being sleeves. Now gather up holy cards with the pictures of saints you’re attached to. Remember that these people are your family and they have as much a connection to you as you do to them. If you have some favorite cards, those dog-eared ones you’ve carried in purse or wallet for years, these are perfect. They help show, with their dog-eared edges, your history with this family member. Keep this album close at hand. It is two things. It’s a family album. It’s also a visual prayer-book. It’s not every prayer that comes with words, or needs to. A lifting up of the heart, and looking at a loved one can do this, is often a truer prayer than one where words get in the way.

That’s it. The only other thing left to do is put them to use. They’re meant to be tools. Tools, the ones you use to build a house, in this case a home, are things you pick up, feel, put to use, and care for.

Matthew 7:24.

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