Tuesday, December 25 CHRISTMAS

A Rosary Meditation … Something different today. A Christmas gift. From your Mom to you. Your Rosary. Think about what a wonderful gift it is, and be thankful for it. Tell her thanks. Unwrap it in your mind, dwell on it, meditate on the mystery of it. Now …

Today … Christmas. Please take a moment and check your pulse. Okay. Got one? Good. See there? You both have been given and are a gift. Enjoy it.

The long and the short of it … Well, its Christmas. Today’s post? Short, sweet and to the point. Enjoy. Give thanks. Express love to those around you. No one else there? Go look in the mirror. Now look at the crucifix. Look at your Rosary. Look next to you. See? Ahh, Guardian Angel. Jesus, Mary, angels. And you thought there was no one there but you.  ~ Mary Christ Mass ~ 🙂

Extra: Now, go overeat and watch the parade. It’s a celebration.

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