Friday, December 14

A Rosary Meditation … The Fourth Sorrowful Mystery, the Carrying of the Cross. “If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself.” Luke 9:23. Following someone doesn’t really sound all that hard does it? You just fall in line and, well, follow. It doesn’t turn into a sticky situation until you start to think about what it really means to follow. You actually do have to fall in line. In more ways than one. If you’re going to follow you’ll have to be willing to make your will subservient to the one you’ve agreed to follow. You’ll need to deny your self, your way, your traveling plans in favor of the theirs. Before you make a commitment like that you might like to check out where they’ve already been because this will give you an idea of where they might go and where you might be required to go as one who follows.

Where did Jesus go? Answer this and you’ll have a good idea of where you’ll go as you follow Him. Jesus went into the homes of social outcasts. Trailer trash. As He walked He put Himself in the way of lepers and cripples so they’d be able to find Him, to get the help they needed. And He touched their disease. He accepted traitors knowing full well what they would do to Him. And He kept them with Him, giving them a position of trust, anyway. He walked down dirt roads in the heat. He made Himself assessable to the demon possessed. He went to Calvary and accepted crucifixion at the hands of enemies. But if you follow Him knowing all this that’s only half of it.

Where did Jesus NOT go? Because you’re not going there either. While He did from time to time rub elbows with the well off He was almost never invited back. He was too honest. When He rubbed elbows He tended to rub them the wrong way. He never went to fancy places. The few times He did, at Pilate’s and Herod’s, they treated Him in the worst way and even beat Him up. But He went anyway. He didn’t own much of anything so you’d never see Him in a restaurant that required a tie. No tie. I don’t know that He ever went to the theater. I’m not saying He was down on entertainment, He just had lots of other stuff to do. He stayed busy, and His followers do the same. So people following Jesus get to deny themselves twice. You’ll have to go where you may not want to AND you’ll not get to go where you might like to.

While we’re praying our Rosary we might like to offer up a decade for the trip. It can be scary when we look up ahead and see ourselves being taken to a cross and a tomb. The good news is that in time the tomb will be empty and He’ll lead us Home from there. Being a follower doesn’t seem half bad with that in mind.

Today … St. Agenllus. He began his walk with Jesus as a hermit. Latter he was lead to be an abbot. I don’t think that anyone desiring solitude ever wants to leave it behind for a post with rigorous duties. An abbot runs the whole monastery, deals with all the monks, and has to be available to people from outside the monastery. Sure, he has help. But the help are just that many more people he has to watch over and be there for, and because of their positions he has to be there for these few in a very special way. I wonder if abbots ever get to sleep? I doubt that Agenllus sought out the job of abbot. But I’m not told he took it kicking and screaming either. So he obviously set self aside and followed. Good example.

St. Augustine said … “He loves Thee too little who loves anything together with Thee, which he loves not for Thy sake.”

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