Wednesday, December 12

A Rosary Meditation … The Third Glorious Mystery, the Decent of the Holy Spirit. “When the days of Pentecost were drawing to a close, they were all together in one place.” Acts 2:1. Ever prayed, and prayed, and prayed , and gotten discouraged? Even disgusted? Welcome to the faithful few. Lots of folks give up long before they get to this point. Here the believers had prayed for so long that the days of Pentecost were coming to a close. The time frame is almost over and, well, nothing has happened. To their credit they didn’t give up. Not giving up is a well-known key. Another key not thought about as often is found in the word “they”. Not only did they not give up but they remained “they”. They stayed together. Faithful to the Lord, to His Church, to their prayers, and to each other. Today we often fall short in this area. If we work towards a goal together and it doesn’t pan out we get disgusted. With each other. I mean, if this thing isn’t bearing fruit then its obvious that SOMEONE isn’t doing their share. In-fighting. Satan’s clever tool. Divide and conquer. Catholics are often their own worst enemy. We do, at times, more damage to each other that the world around us does. It must give the enemies of the Faith great satisfaction to see Catholics divided on such clear-cut issues as abortion and marriage. Why bother with fighting us when we’re beating up each other anyway? The example of these early Catholics needs to be taken to heart. Our hearts. “They were all together in one place.” “One place” could be, for us, mutual agreement based on faithfulness towards the Pope and Magisterium. “All together.” A single unit rallied ’round a single purpose. That purpose being faithful as Catholics. Faithful to God, to Holy Mother Church, to one another. It might be interesting to see what the results of following this example would be now. We can look back at the day of Pentecost to see the results then. A little understanding now, a little turning of the other cheek, some setting aside of self in preference to others, to the Truth, might work a wonder. Maybe even a new Pentecost.

Today … Our Lady of Guadalupe. 500 years ago Europe was a very sick spiritual entity. Today Europe is nearly dead. (Don’t give up hope. Remember Lazarus. He WAS dead.) And, miracle of miracles, Jesus sent His Mother to evangelize the new world. In less than a decade, in the area where two continents meet, millions, more than enough to make up for the losses in Europe, were converted. Today North America is a very sick area and the infectious nature of this spiritual illness has begun to infect South America. But Africa and India are making new gains, showing vital life. Now I share a personal prayer/thought. Our Lady of Guadalupe, an a Marian manifestation, is my Patroness. What would happen if Jesus sent Mary to Communist China? What would happen now if what happened in the New World 500 years ago happened today in China? How many conversions? How many vocations, priests, nuns, brothers, deacons, and missionaries might swarm the world … From China? What would happen if the Chinese Communist threat was replaced by the Chinese Catholic promise? Please pray for this.

Prayer … Jesus once prayed, “Father, I thank you that you’ve already heard me. But for the sake of those here …” John 11:41. The same thing that happened to Lazarus can happen to China. To North America. To Africa. To the world. Ask Mary, the one that asked Jesus at the wedding feast in Cana, to ask Jesus now for a new Guadalupe experience for the world. Why let Pentecost end?

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