Civility Amongst the Uncivilized

My mind is rambling and I’ve decided to share. What follows may not be spot-on perfect as per semantics. Not much of what I write is. So humor me.

Civility amongst the uncivilized isn’t easy. But it is Christian. During the Civil Rights movement there was a young black man demonstrating peacefully. Then things changed. Violence broke out and he was attacked. He started hitting back. Then he stopped. He realized that he was only increasing the hate. If he stopped striking back the hate aimed at him would stop with him. That was a brave thing to do. Almost like having the power to call legions of angels but choosing to hang on a cross anyway.


The world is an uncivilized place. Oh, it puts up a front. Behind the front? Aborted babies, murdered children, are tossed into the incinerator. Or dumpster. Society tries hard to look civilized, to look the part of being unbiased and evenhanded and just. Want to see what it’s REALLY like, behind the smiling mask? Jesus found out. By His being a REAL Messiah society showed its true colors. Want to experience the REALITY of “society”, of the “highly evolved” and oh-so intelligent and genteel human culture? Note the word “human” there. Well, if you honestly want to all you need do is be a real Catholic just like Jesus was a real Messiah. Things that are real, people who are true, bring out the best human society has to offer. Like what the young man I mentioned above experienced.


Civility. One definition of civility is a courteous act. Certainly helping to stop hatred would be a courteous act, in the extreme. Jesus called it turning the other cheek. Or at least this is one way to consider it, to think of civility. He turned His cheek to those who would beat Him without mercy so that the hate might end with Him. Now I’m not suggesting we be doormats. That’s not civility as I mean it here. Being a doormat isn’t being civil its being stupid. And being a doormat is not what Messiah meant. There are plenty of just opportunities to flex muscles. Don’t ever forget that the Man Who said to turn the other cheek also drove people out of His Father’s house with a whip. A time and a place for everything and wisdom knows the difference.


The people who turn the other cheek when they understand it’s the next right thing to do don’t always live to tell about it like the man I spoke of earlier did. The ones that don’t live to tell about it are called martyrs. Or aborted babies. Or, maybe, Christians living in this civilized 21st century.

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