Friday, December 7

A Rosary Meditation … The Second Sorrowful Mystery, the Scourging. “They bound Jesus and delivered Him to Pilate. And Pilate asked Him, ‘Art thou the king of the Jews?’ Mark 15:1-2. Just prior to the scourging Jesus is bound and taken to Pilate. It’s the word “bound” that is, at the very least, frightening here. Not the literal act, the Romans put chains or ropes on prisoners every day. Police do the same thing today when they put the cuffs on criminals. It’s no doubt unpleasant, but it just is what it is. What it represents, or can represent, in our own lives is what can be frightening. There are lots of things in this world that need to be done. Things that require courage, strength and faith. Sometimes a person comes along, a Padre Pio or a Mother Teresa, and with those qualities and not much more shake a complacent world out of its self-inflicted stupor just long enough for it to see whats real. This seeing leaves it, the world, without excuse. But why do these saints come along so seldom? Why doesn’t God call more of them? And that’s where the binding and the frightening comes in. Because God does call others. Currently He’s calling to a little over 7 billion of them. But because we lack faith we put Jesus in chains. He can’t do through us what He would because we bind Him by our lack of faith in His ability. And that’s frightening. Because we’ll answer someday for not having answered today. We forget, because the tasks look so big and so hard, that we aren’t the doers of these works but rather the tools used by the Carpenter Who does the work. In binding Him we give Him over to Pilate, give Him over to a world that doesn’t recognize the Truth even when He’s standing right there in front of it, and the miracles that could be are never given a chance. Its one reason the world questions the validity of Christ’s kingship as Pilate did. If we bind Jesus by our lack of faith so that He can’t work through us the answer to this problem is really very simple. Keep reading …

Today … St. Maria Giuseppe Rossello. She founded a religious order. Hospitals, teaching, charitable works, and 68 foundations were the result. The beginning of all this? At 16 she became a third order Franciscan. Later with three friends she founded the Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy. Everything else, the hospitals and the rest, followed. Four young women, one with a plan. A God-given plan. None of this happened by accident. All of it happened because she was a willing tool in the hands of the Carpenter. She was a willing tool because she had faith. Period. Faith. Faith, like everything else that’s good and praiseworthy, comes from God. Things come from God when we ask. And asking for faith is the simple answer to the problem outlined above. But asking is only the first half of the answer. The second half is believing you have it and acting like you’ve received it after you’ve asked.

Faith … Never say, “I can’t”. We all know we can’t. That’s not the point at all. Remember that you aren’t the doer of the work, accept the fact that you can’t but He can if you’ll let Him and say, “Lord, I believe. Please help my unbelief.” Miracles will follow.

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