Thursday, December 6

A Rosary Meditation … The Second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation. “Now Mary went into the hill country. And she entered the house of Zachary and saluted Elizabeth.” Luke 1:39-40. Here we have Mary traveling down dirt roads and standing before her cousin Elizabeth as a humble servant. If Christ is our example Mary is our example of what it means to be Christ-like. The Daughter of God the Father, the Spouse of God the Holy Spirit,  The Mother of God the Son, the Ark of the Covenant, the Queen of All Creation, the humble servant girl. The one who would be first must be the servant of all, the one told to come up higher takes the lowest seat first. But what do we do? When we pull into the parking lot we take the space closest to the building’s entrance so we don’t have to walk so far. When we walk into a restaurant we make sure we get the good table if we can. Black Friday? We stand there looking at the clock with our hand on the soon-to-be sale item. Mary follows Christ’s example and presents herself as a servant. We follow our own example, because we demand the freedom to be ourselves, and present ourselves as the one deserving to be served. We’re human and suffer from a fallen nature that leads us in this direction. Its understandable given our situation and God understands. Its one of the reasons that He put it in Mary’s heart to walk the dirt roads in order to serve Elizabeth, so that she would set us a Christ-like example that we can choose to copy rather than follow our own whims. Our fallen nature is ours and there isn’t much we can do about that. But we can decide who’s example we’ll follow.

Today … St. Nicholas. As one story goes, a poor man had three daughters but no money for any dowry which meant they would go unmarried and so be forced into prostitution in order to survive. Hearing about this good families plight St. Nicholas, under cover of nights darkness, tossed a bag of gold through the window, a bag with plenty of gold to make a nice dowry. Three nights in a row, one bag for each girl. On the third night the father waited and caught our good saint in the act. He overwhelmed Nicholas with his gratitude. This may well be the only guy in history that caught Santa Claus in the act. A rich man, sneaking around in the dark so as to not be seen because he wanted the good done but not known. Jesus said to not let one hand know what the other was doing, to give alms and do good deeds in secret and that God would reward us openly. That goes against all that is ego. But look at the results. When we do our good to be seen people say things like “Isn’t old Whats-his-name a good guy? Look what he did.” And that’s Whats-his-names reward. But when we do things secretly people tend to say “Well thank God somebody finally took care of that.” Now the right One gets the credit, not us. Nicholas knew this. And his reward, what God has given him openly? Well, for one thing he’s listed on the calendar of saints. I’ve checked, we’re not. Well, now we have something to shoot for.

Consider this … How do we know if we have a servant’s heart? By how we act when we’re treated like one.

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