Tuesday, December 4

A Rosary Meditation … The First Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden. “Mary’s mediation is intimately linked with her motherhood.” Blessed Pope John Paul II the Great. Jesus prays in the garden, in an agony. He sees whats coming. The Bible says that there is one mediator between God and man, Christ Jesus. See 1 Timothy 2:5. So should we not ask Mary for help? How can she be a mediator if there’s only one and that one is Jesus? Did you have an earthly mother that prayed for you? Should she not have mediated on your behalf? The fact is that Jesus is the ultimate mediator. If that meant that He was the only one allowed to mediate then you ought not pray for me and I shouldn’t ask you to pray for me. And moms ought not pray for their children. But Christianity is a group effort. If it wasn’t we wouldn’t need evangelists, we wouldn’t need to gather together for worship, we wouldn’t need each other. We all know better than that. It’s not that we need another mediator but God being the loving Father that He is He allows us to help even though He doesn’t need our help. He knows we have a need to help and that if we love Him we’ll want to. (Over on the right side of this page, scroll down just a little, is a search box. Type in “Lawnmower Man” for more info on God and us helping Him.) In imitating Jesus Mary prays for us. She is the Ultimate Prayer Partner just as Jesus is the Ultimate Mediator. He agonized over us, over our sins and our lack of love for God and others. In being self-centered we don’t really even love ourselves, not truly. In putting things in the improper order we throw a wrench in all the gears. Humanity seems never to run out of wrenches to throw. But we have, as Bl. John Paul indicates, a good Mothers example. And her example is a good one because she follows His. Now that’s a right sequence. Maybe we need to consider where in the sequence we are and where we need to be. We have examples. And a multitude, our Mother, the angels and saints in heaven, each other, as prayer partners.

Today … St. Bernard degli Uberti was a monk, an abbot, general-superior of his order, a bishop, a cardinal, a papal legate, and persecuted by an anti-pope for siding with the rightful Pope AND persecuted by an unlawful king for standing with the rightful one. I don’t know about you but I figure this guy agonized in prayer A LOT. But look at what, by God’s grace, he got done! Look at what agony in prayer gives birth to, look at the fruits. Think of about the eternal rewards because of those fruits. Agony in prayer begins to wither when placed next to this, doesn’t it? Keep the proper sequence in mind and heart, always.

A Thought … Proper sequence, its just setting proper priorities. Its first things first, one day at a time.

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