Saturday, December 1

A Rosary Meditation … The Fifth Glorious Mystery, the Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary as Queen of Heaven. Luke 21:34-36, today’s Gospel, reading has Jesus warning His followers, in so many words, to be ready for the end and His return. He’s talking about the End of all endings but we can take it as personal in the here and now. Because if we die before He returns that’s what our death will be. Personal, here, now. The Bible says that when He returns every eye will see Him. That’s true at death too. There is no alternative. Mary died. She was sinless and death is the outcome of sin. So why did she die? Jesus was sinless and He died. All of Mary’s life was tied up, wrapped up in Jesus. This ought to be true of any Christian. I think that’s why she died, to follow Him in all things and in all ways. Also, as a mother she can be sympathetic to her children when we face our end because she knows what its like. So we’ll die and see Jesus, and Mary has gone on ahead. If we’re right with God when we die, and that’s what we are all trying to be ready for, Jesus takes us to be with Him. Now consider, we’ll see Jesus at our end. But we’ll see more once we get to Heaven. Seeing Jesus and being with Him would be enough but God is infinitely good and so there is more. And a part of that “more” is that we will see Mary, our Mother, also. But wait. There’s still more. When we see Mary we’ll see not only our Mother but our Queen as well. The human daughter of God the Father, the human spouse of God the Holy Spirit, and the human Mother of God the Son. Mary, our Mother and our Queen. Crowned by God as Queen of all creation. Jesus tells us to be ready for the end. As we live our daily lives, one day at a time, if we’ll remember just who it is we’re going to see, well, it should give us reason to spruce up some now, while we can.

Today … St. Eligius was a very talented metalsmith. Under King Clotaire II of Paris he was master of the mint. Eligius and the king were good friends. Eligius was well off and shared his wealth freely with those in need. He ransomed slaves and built churches. You know, being a good friend of the king and all its a safe bet that Eligius was used to appearing before royalty. He knew what to do when he stood before the king, he knew how to get ready when it came time to enter the throne room. Often as not the queen was probably seated next to his friend the king. I’m sure he used good manners and followed protocol. I doubt that he waited til the last-minute to get ready, to refine his manners, or to learn the appropriate customs and regulations. If he had its probable that he wouldn’t have been able to stand before the king and queen, and they wouldn’t have let him stay. Eligius understood that NOW is the time to get ready, to be ready.

Someday … Someday you and I will get to see our King and Queen. When folks go to see someone important and they’re getting ready lots of times they get others, barber, beautician, tailor, etc. to help. In Christ’s Church we have lots of help. Sacraments, magisterium, the Holy Bible, sacramentals, the catechism, and more. None of these would be there for us if it weren’t for other people allowing God to use them. Understanding that it’s all a matter of God’s grace, we need to consider that the help we have getting ready is each other.

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