Thursday, November 29

A Rosary Meditation … The Fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding in the Temple. Have you ever prayed for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary? Prayed that the world come to know and accept and love her and so find and worship and love Jesus? In today’s Gospel reading, Luke 21:20-28, we hear still more from Jesus about the end times. The Church dwells on this topic now because we’re coming to the end of the liturgical year. Everyone, from folks looking into the Mayan calendar to fundamentalist believers in the Bible to survivalists, seems fascinated by the subject. And their all getting the cart before the horse. The other day, on EWTN, I heard a deacon make a very pertinent observation. He talked about certain things that popular culture currently finds fascinating. Death, zombies and vampires. TV, movies, books and more are filled with these. And then he said “A vampires dead, what does it need to live? It has to drink blood. A zombies dead, what does it need to live? It has to eat flesh. People are hungry for God and looking for Christ in the Eucharist without realizing it!” And he’s right. Everyone is looking for Jesus, its built-in. The need for God, and because of our fallen nature the need to find God, is built-in. That’s because we were created by Him to be with Him and without Him we are incomplete. Everyone looks for Jesus like He’s lost while the truth is it’s the other way around. But folks are looking in all the wrong places. Mary knew in her Immaculate Heart where to find Jesus. But her heart is pure, ours tainted. We need help. Others need help. We’re here now and as Catholics we know where Jesus is. Mary found Him in the Temple doing His Fathers business. And He’s still taking care of business in His current Earthly Temple, if I can call it that, and I mean the Temple of His Body which is the Holy Catholic Church. People need to be directed to where He can be found, where they can find flesh to eat and blood to drink that gives life, not for a moment, but for all eternity. Every time someone finds Jesus? Mary’ heart triumphs. The world is looking. We need to be about our Father’s business, we need to be leading others, the ones looking, to Jesus.

Today … St. Illuminata was a holy virgin known for her great sanctity. She lived in Todi, Italy. There is a church there today, in Todi, bearing her name. Not a lot is known about her but its a surety that, being holy, she knew where to find the Author of all holiness. Staying close to Him, keeping her eyes on him, drew her closer and closer. If we do the same He will never be lost to us, we’ll never need to look or Him.

And so … A “best way” to find Jesus, always be with Him and never lose Him is to do what He did. If you’ll be about the Father’s business like Him you’ll always be right there with Him.

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