Tuesday, November 27

A Rosary Meditation … The Fourth Sorrowful Mystery, the Carrying of the Cross. Jesus saw multitudes in need. There were times when He tried to get away for a while just to pray. The crowds followed Him and rather than turn a blind eye, rather than send them away, He always had compassion. He always took the time. He loved. In todays Mystery we once again, for love of others, for love of us, see Jesus doing what needed to be done without regard for Self. The cross, to be effective, needed to be carried to Calvary. And it was up to Him to do the carrying. In today’s Gospel, Luke 21:5-11, Jesus talks briefly about the end times. The End Times are hard times. Theres no way around the difficulty, the hardship of the end. Like the cross needing to be on Calvary the end is a necessity. Waiting for the end, getting ready for the end, living through the end, dying a physical death at the end, either our own personal earthly end or the fallen world’s end, these are crosses that must be carried. By us. But with His help. We can’t expect our Faith to be easy. He never said it would be, He always presented following Him in a realistic light. It can be hard. The wood of the cross tearing into His shoulder was hard. Faith without works is dead. A refusal to carry the cross is a refusal to follow Him, a refusal to accept Christian responsibility. He carried His cross to Calvary and, in a way, carried it always in that He never turned away from the crowds, never forsook those in need even when it cost Him His own comfort. He proved His love for us. Now, in carrying our own cross till the end, ours or the world’s, we show our love for Him. Not to worry. He gives more strength. Philippians 4:13.

Today … St. Valerian was bishop of Aquileia, Italy. He was plagued by Arian heretics. Arianism, and it might be well for you to do a Google and read a little about it, was a horrible heresy that in essence denied that God had come in the flesh. See 2 John 1:7. He dealt with antichrist forces. It was a terrible time for Holy Mother Church. But he was faithful, he carried a bishop’s cross til his own end. He is a good example for us. Today? It’s an ending. Every day is an ending. Every ending is a cross to carry because nothing ends easily. Every cross that is carried brings us closer to Calvary. The closer we are to Calvary the closer we are to a new beginning. Learn, like a good saint, not to view ends as ends. Look at endings as a necessary prelude to a new beginning and this will put you at Calvary, where it all ended. Calvary, where it all began.

Think … Everything new and wonderful was preceded by the ending of something else. A cross faithfully carried for love of God and others is to follow Christ. To follow Jesus is to be with Him at Calvary, an end. To be with Him at Calvary brings you, with Him, to an empty tomb. And a new beginning.

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