Sunday, November 25

Today’s Gospel reading, John 18:33-37, has Jesus standing before Pilate, being questioned. “Are you the King of the Jews?” Simple enough question. It’s a little funny that after having answered the question people are still asking 2,000 years later. People ask, debate, argue, fight, split, and throw up their hands in a disgusted display of “Who knows?” Is He King, is He Messiah, is He God? Over and over again, down through the centuries, people have asked who, what Jesus was or is. Many of the major heresies revolved around the understanding, or more precisely the misunderstanding, of the person of Christ. Even today, just in the past hundred years or so, I can think of several denominations and movements that started and split over the question. Why so much difficulty with such a simple question? Well, outside interference is one. Satan likes to muddy these waters because he doesn’t want people to be able to identify the Water of Life. When Jesus talked with the woman at the well He told her that if she knew Who it was that had asked her for water she would ask Him for living water. IF she KNEW Who He was. Same question, phrased differently. Who is Jesus?

Jesus IS King, He IS Messiah, He IS God. He is also Savior, Elder Brother, the Eternal Passover Lamb, and more. Lots more. Now a new question. Whats our answer when someone asks US who Jesus is? Do we mumble? Stutter? Get embarrassed? Whisper it so folks won’t think we’re crazy? Deny Him like Peter did? Or stand up and bravely say it, again like Peter did? It’s another simple question. When asked who Jesus is do we say bluntly “My Lord and Savior, God Almighty”? Jesus asked the Apostles “Who do people say that I am?” They gave various answers because then, as now, there were different opinions. Then He asked them who they thought He was. And Peter said “You’re the Christ.”

The questions and answers are simple. It’s the world, the flesh and the devil that complicates it. So our question is this: When asked who Jesus is do we stand with the confused so as to play it safe or do we stand with the converted Peter?

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