Wednesday, November 21

A Rosary Meditation … The Second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension. Jesus leaves His followers, promising to send them the Holy Spirit to protect and guide, and returns to His Heavenly Father. Today’s Gospel reading, Luke 19:11-28, hints at this. “A nobleman went into a far country to receive a kingdom.” Jesus, the Nobleman or King, went to Heaven and He will receive His Kingdom. The Gospel reading also talks about the servants He left behind, like the Church Jesus left behind. He intrusted each servant with a certain sum of money. He expected them to make money with His money while He was gone. He desired that His servants work towards an increase for Him. He would reward the ones that did well when He got back. All of this is reasonable. Some versions of the Bible use the word “talent” for money. A talent was a measure of weight and referred to the amount of gold, money, that He left with each. I always liked the word talent because, and I realize this is a semantic accident, it made me think of the talents God gives each of us and what we do with them. Some are talented speakers, others are talented musicians, and so on. We have all been given a talent of some sort and Jesus, God Who gave us our talent, expects us to put it to good use while He’s away. Some people put their talents to good use, others tend to dig a hole and hide the talent to keep it safe. False humility, for example, hides talent. Saying “O, I can’t sing” when the people who’ve heard you know you can isn’t being humble. Its hiding your God-given talent under a rock and then lying about it. It’s just as bad as bragging. How we treat our talents, how we use them, should be important to us. Because He IS coming back. And there WILL be a test. Revelation 20:12.

Today … St. Liberalis was a humble hermit. The people around him recognized his goodness, his gift, and he was chosen to be the city’s bishop as a result. Now, its obvious that he felt called to be a hermit. He could very easily have said “No thanks. Not called to be a bishop, I’m a hermit. Wouldn’t make a good bishop anyway, trust me. Go ask so-and-so. He’s a nice guy.” And his talent would’ve remained hidden. But that wasn’t what he did. He probably would have prefered to remain in his hermitage, peaceful and without city turmoil. He became a very devoted bishop instead. Proving that whether we like it or not our talents are to be used by us but never judged by us as to their worth or validity.

Outside the Box … Often things get repeated to the point that they become accepted as fact whether they are or not. Repetition doesn’t lend real credence, it just gets us so used to a thing that we accept it without thinking. So we need to think, and often as not we need to think outside the box. An example: Jesus said that the sun would be darkened, the moon wouldn’t give her light, and the stars would fall from heaven. The powers of heaven would be moved. Matthew 24:29. Now, He’s talking about “those days”, the end time, and people always think of this as future tense if not current. But Paul makes it clear that the last days were/are NOW. They were upon him way back then. 1 Corinthians 10:11. See also Hebrews 1:2. We’ve been living in the last days Jesus was talking about for nearly 2,000 years. So, outside the box. Lots of folks are looking for cataclysmic events at the end, but Jesus makes it sound more like business as usual. Read Matthew 24:38-39. Now I’m not saying there won’t be terrible things happen. Matthew 24 in its entirety makes it pretty plain that there will be. But there have been horrible happenings for 2,000 years worth of last days. So rather than look for signs, Matthew 12:39, what else might He have meant by the sun being darkened and the moon not giving light? Maybe this: The last days began in those days. In those days the religious leadership, the Jewish luminaries, should’ve been a source of light to the people. They weren’t. They were darkened. The High priest (sun), the priesthood (moon), the stars (Levites and scribes), all were sources of darkness instead of giving light. They didn’t, wouldn’t, even recognize the Light. And the powers of Heaven was moved. Authority, the ability to convey light, passed from the Jewish priesthood to the Christian priesthood. So is all of this what He REALLY meant? Don’t ask me. I’m content that He’ll explain it all when He gets back. What I’m not content with is always thinking inside the box. It gets so stuffy in there.

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