The Wheat and the Weeds

Matthew 13:24-30. We’ve all heard it. The parable of the wheat and the weeds. The land owner had sown good wheat seed and a little later an enemy tossed weed seeds around. The servants were all for going out right then, as soon as they spotted the weeds, and pulling them up. But their Master said not to do that, it would disturb the wheat. So he let the weeds and wheat grow together and had them separated at the harvest. It seems so simple. Jesus is the land owner. The good seed is the Gospel, the wheat is Christians, real ones, the enemy is Satan and the weeds are the insincere, the false, the fake, the worldlings. The field is the world, the Church is in the world but not of it, and we get our share of weeds. But there’ll be a harvest, a Second Coming, and at the Great Judgement the weeds and wheat get separated. Simple. And it is.


Ever try living with weeds? They have things like burrs and tiny thorns and prickly leaves and all sorts of unpleasantries. They also hide ticks and chiggers. Walking through weeds you almost always pick up something undesirable. Imagine them scattered in a wheat field. A wheat field isn’t like a garden. There are no rows to make weeding easy. A wheat field is one solid mass. Imagine what it would be like if you were a wheat grower and had to live with that. You can’t pull ’em up because you’ll so disturb the wheats root systems that you’ll hurt the wheat you’re trying to save in the process. Maybe even kill it. Living with weeds isn’t easy.


Ever try living with worldly people, in or out of the Church? They are caustic and sarcastic and toxic often as not. And they hide things like half-truths and worldly agendas. You can’t walk through them without picking up something you’ll wish you didn’t have later. They are infectious.


Ever consider the ratio of wheat to weeds? I don’t even want to think about it. It’s probably a good thing that only God knows the heart because that helps keep me, us, in place and not judgemental. It can be hard to tell a weed from wheat sometimes. So if we go pulling them up we might do damage. And then there’s the question of what effect that weeding might have on other wheat. Maybe that wheat plant growing right next to that weed doesn’t recognize the weed for what it is. Close proximity can be blinding. You can’t see the forest for the trees. Pulling that weed up might really hurt the faith of the wheat, maybe even kill it. So we need to leave the weeds alone and let the Land Owner, Who’s servants we are, take care of it at the proper time. And who knows? I’ve seen some weeds change rather miraculously into wheat.


Ever give thanks for weeds? We should. Knowing that there are weeds around let us know that, bottom line, it’s still a wheat field.

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