Thursday, November 15

A Rosary Meditation … The First Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation. In today’s Gospel reading, Luke 17:20-25, Jesus explains to the Pharisees that the Kingdom of God can’t be found by observation. I’m reminded of the very many people who, like William Miller back in the 1840s, have tried using various parts of the Bible to predict the Second Coming. There were probably folks in Christ’s time doing the same thing in reference to the First Coming. He said there would be no one to say “Look! It’s over here!” And then He said that the Kingdom of God IS, present tense, among you. He goes on to warn the disciples that there will be people who’ll say “It’s over there!” or “Look! It’s here!” He ends by saying, “For as the lightning flashing from one part of heaven lights up the other, so will be the Son of man when His day comes. But first He is destined to suffer grievously and be rejected by this generation.” And this is exactly what happened. After His rejection, followed three days later by His Triumphant Resurrection, the Church, His Kingdom of souls and hearts and wills tuned to His, spread the world over like wildfire. And now there are Tabernacles worldwide, like lightning visible in the west after it manifests in the east, His very Real Presence is everywhere. And while its true that the Second Coming and that aspect of His Kingdom is still future tense, well, we’re here NOW. So lets deal with NOW, and current weather patterns. With lightning in mind think about thunder storms. Sometimes its very evident that one is coming. You can see the large, dark clouds rolling in over the horizon. You see it coming. But not always. Sometimes they start with one small cloud that goes un-noticed. And there is no one to say “Look! It’s over here!” Who noticed one insignificant little girl praying in her room? Who would’ve been able to see and hear what she saw and heard when the angel stood before her? It takes a pure heart to view angels. Who saw the purity of heart there, in her? But that was the beginning of His Kingdom, wasn’t it? She was the first to say “Yes” to Him, the first to give Him first place in her life, in her heart. And she carried Him to others who took Him with them to yet others and, like lightning flashing in the east so brightly as to illuminate the west, this Wonder now resides in every corner of the world. Now its up to us, as individuals, to say “Yes” to Him daily and let Him reside in every corner of our hearts.

Today … St. Desiderius of Cahors. A nobleman of Albi, France. He became a bishop, he built monasteries, convents and churches. Wikipedia says that “he was a Merovingian royal official of aristocratic Gallo-Roman extraction.” This was no ordinary guy. He had it all. In his day he was one of the upper crust, the elite. And he did with this position exactly what God wanted him to do. We admire the saints that give up everything to follow Jesus and rightly so. But you know there is a whole class of people, more saints, who didn’t/don’t give it away but put it to good use in God’s service instead. Of course giving it all to charity puts it at God’s disposal too but both ways work because it is attachment to Christ, with the needed detachment from the world and the things, possessions, of the world that counts. To not possess the world or be possessed by it but to be possessed by Jesus and to possess Him, this is ALL that matters. Obviously St. Desiderius knew this well. He used all he had for God’s glory. Giving of himself as a bishop, putting his position and wealth to work for love of God and in service to His Kingdom he said “Yes” to God. In doing so? He followed in the footsteps of an un-noticed little 14-year-old girl who followed in His. All those footsteps leading from east to west, all ’round the world, like lightning.

Think … The Kingdom of God is among you. And when He comes back? Everybody will know this. Pray for the ones who need citizenship.

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