Judgement Day and Dumplings

Judgement Day. Sounds scary. And maybe it will be. At death there is, for each of us, whats called a “particular judgement.” Hebrews 9:27. Private, just me and God. Everything gets gone over, everything gets explained, everything gets settled. For eternity. But then, later at His Second Coming, there is that great General Judgement at which we will all see how the evil we’ve committed reverberated through the whole Universe. Revelation 20:12. We’ll get to see the real, far-reaching aspects of sin. Our sin. Everybody gets to take part in this judgement, everyone gets to see the reality of sin and its destructiveness. After this there will be no doubts, no excuses. And that sounds scary. But there’s more to it than that.

The whole of creation is not made up entirely of negatives. When God made all this He said that it was good, very good. Genesis 1:31. Set aside your sins for a minute. God wants you to anyway. Now think positive. About YOU. Have you ever done anything decent? Of course you have. Jesus talked about people who did good deeds, even very simple ones like giving someone thirsty a drink of cool water. And He mentioned what would happen as a result of these good deeds when He comes back. See Matthew 25:31-46. He’s talking about the Judgement. People will be judged according to their works. Romans 2:6. Not all works are evil, but all works will be judged. There will be good revealed on that day too. And we’ll get to see how far-reaching the good we’ve done is. We’ll get to see the ripple effects. Maybe the tsunami effects, who knows? Good does after all have a tendency to triumph. Don’t believe me? Go take a look at Christ’s tomb and come back, tell me what condition you found the body in. See? Good does overcome evil.


Ripples? Tsunami? Yes. Everything effects something. Your hidden thoughts affect your own heart. And good? It carries on. Let me give you an example. Judgement Day may be scary, dumplings aren’t. When I was 16 I worked at a sawmill. I went to spend my weekend with friends and when I got back to the job Monday morning the rest of the crew were gone. They had all quit and left for Florida. And there I was, no job, no money, now no place to stay because the crews lived there at the mill in bunk shacks, and with all my earthly possessions in a bag slung over my back. I sat in the little building used to cook and eat in, sat at the table not knowing what to do or where to go next. And I was tired. I’d just walked about 5 miles to get there. So now what? Well, there were two mills side by side. While my crew had all gotten drunk and run off to sunny Florida the other crew was still there, still running their mill. But I didn’t work that mill and they were full up on help. Sat there. Sat there. One of the guys from the other mill came into the cook shack. He was a real quiet fellow, never said much but always smiled. And he said, “Hungry?” And I said, “Yes sir.” He went to the cupboard, got down a can of Sweet Sue Chicken and Dumplings, opened the can, stuck a fork in it, put it in front of me there on the table, smiled and walked out. I’ve never forgotten that simple act of kindness. I don’t know how many times I’ve prayed for that man. And to give thanks for what he did, and that means the credit goes to him for starting this and putting things in motion, and to give thanks to God who put the grace in his heart that he complied with, over the years I’ve bought groceries for those in need and given. All because of one small can of chicken and dumplings. Think little things don’t matter? Think again. Remember that it was with one small stone that David slew Goliath and changed the course of history. Never discount the small stuff.

Judgement Day and thinking about it can be a scary thing. And it probably should be. But not all. Remember, don’t be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21.

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