Tuesday, November 6

A Rosary Meditation … The Third Sorrowful Mystery, the Crowning with Thorns. “Then all the soldiers, in the presence of the priests and pharisees, gathered around Him and heaped upon Him their blasphemous mockery and derision. Some of them bent their knees and mockingly said to Him, God save Thee, King of the Jews. Others buffeted Him; others snatched the cane from His hands and struck Him on His crowned head …” (“The Mystical City of God” by Mary of Agreda) There are certain groups of people that we expect, rightly or wrongly, certain things of. They’re supposed to act in ways attributed to or compatible with their station in life. We look for this or that “type” of person and watch for things. Its called stereotyping by some, profiling by others. Here we have two groups. Roman soldiers who are a rough bunch and willingly act their part. And the religious folks, those people we think of as righteous because they say the right things and do the right things. But saying and doing are outward things. Without a good, grace-filled inward system all the outward show is worthless. The priests and pharisees were the cream of the crop in their day. Or so it seemed. They were the “righteous” and proud of it. And here they are, knowing full well this Man is innocent, watching Him crowned and ridiculed as a worthless sort of king. They watch. It doesn’t say that they said or did anything here, they just watched. This we need to take to heart. When we hear our parish priest being ridiculed behind his back, and it’s almost always behind his back, do we watch silently? When we see construction of a murderous abortion mill do we set quietly by? When we know the poles are open, as they are today, do we stay at home? When we are silent, when we quietly set on our hands, when we stay put rather than move forward, for everything we DON’T do we allow one more blow of the scepter across His Thorn Crowned brow. We join the proud priests and pharisees in doing nothing. And are we proud, or repentant enough to stop doing nothing and DO?

Today … St. Atticus. ~ Listed in Roman Martyrology as “Martyr of Phrygia”. ~ I picked this saint for today because of two things. Two reasons that might seem obvious and silly, in that order. Obviously I chose him because he is a saint. Silly? Because that first sentence is all I found about him. But it’s not so silly really. I didn’t want to get sidetracked with details. Simply put, he is a saint and one of the major reasons for that we can know without knowing any of the details. We can know he became a saint by not standing quietly by.

Always … For everything there is a season. Ecclesiastes 3:1. Now is not the time to stand around watching. Now is the time to take positive action.

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