Monday, November 5

A Rosary Meditation … The Third Joyful Mystery, the Nativity. “She besought the Lord to bless with a liberal hand all the inhabitants of the neighboring city, because by rejecting Her they had given occasion to the vast favors, which She awaited in this neglected cavern.” (“The Mystical City of God” by Mary of Agreda) From place to place, door to door, all were closed to Mary and Joseph. That it was late, that they were tired, that she was pregnant and obviously in need, none of these things mattered. There was no room. How often do we push away this Mother and Child because there is no room in our daily schedule? But at last someone made room. We sometimes think that the stable must have been a very uninviting place. But it had its positive side. It was private, quiet, and the animals would’ve helped provide heat and comfort. There is something comforting about being with gentile beasts. They seem to care, at times when people often don’t. Or won’t. If you were rejected and then sent into a lonely barn what would you do? How would you feel? Forsaken? Despised? What would you think of those who had turned you away? Mary prayed thankfully for them all. They had contributed. By turning her away they had given God an opportunity to work even greater wonders by using something so low as the stable. In what could have been, and honestly looked like, a bad situation Mary thanked God and prayed for others. Those same “others” that had just turned her away. Simply put, we need to remember this the next time we feel abused by others. Matthew 5:44.

Today … St. Sylvia was the mother of St. Gregory the Great. Her husband, the father of Gregory, was St. Gordian. Can you imagine what that household must have been like? Three saints under one roof. How many wives wish their children and their husband were better Catholics? Or maybe just wish they were Catholic period? Think of the impact this saintly lady had on her son and her husband. Like most mothers, at that point in history anyway, she was around the kids more than Dad. And her husband counted on her to take care of just about everything and anything while he took care of daily “man stuff”. Now, it was each of these individuals obedience to God and their relationship with Him that brought them, via His grace, to sainthood. But would they have been able to, or would it have been as easy for them (comparatively easy that is, because being a saint is never easy) to attain sanctity without this Godly mothers influence? Families take note. Motherhood is not held in high regard by this modern world. It is in fact rejected by most and figuratively sent to the stable out of sight like an unseemly thing. We, as Catholics, are called to stand apart, being in the world but not of it. Romans 12:2. This verse could easily define a good Christian family. And of greatest importance, the mother.

Consider … Mothers hold their children’s hand for a short while, but their hearts forever.

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