Friday, November 2

A Rosary Meditation … The Second Sorrowful Mystery, the Scourging. ” … he sought to placate the Jews in different ways. One of these was a private interview with some of the servants and friends of the high priests and priests.” (“The Mystical City of God” by Mary of Agreda) Pilate tries to set Jesus free. He knows that Christ is guilty of nothing but good. Still, in an attempt to placate His accusers, he willingly has Him beaten even while trying to gain His release. He thinks the beating will satisfy the mob and help set Jesus free. How often do we engage in warped logic, trying to do what WE think needs to be done, and all the while we’re simply making things worse? Pilate tried. But he tried by doing the wrong things and also by going to the wrong people. He turned to those he thought might be able to help in a worldly way. They couldn’t. What might have happened if he had gone to Jesus and said something like, “I don’t want You crucified. How do I get out of this?” Now, Jesus would’ve been crucified anyway because that’s why He came. He had to make His sacrifice and He would. But if Pilate had gone to Him instead of the others what might have changed for Pilate? Well, we might be referring to him as St. Pilate. There are all sorts of examples. Good and bad. The good show us what to do while the bad show us what to avoid. Pilate shows us here what to avoid. Rather than turn to people for help we ought always turn to God first. Now God will probably help us via people but by turning to Him first we have correct priorities. And may be someday, instead of referring to you people will refer to St. You. 🙂

Today … Today I offer you a challenge. Instead of thinking about a saint to copy, a saint that provides a good example, think of the example you’d want to set if you were a saint. Given your history, given your life, you would be the patron saint of what?

With that in mind … God has a sense of humor. We, having been created in His image, also have a sense of humor. So while you ponder what you would be the patron saint of keep in mind that being patron saint of cheap buffets is already taken. I’ve staked my claim. 😉

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