Thursday, November 1

A Rosary Meditation … The Second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation. ” … Saint Elizabeth offered herself and her whole family and all her house for the service of the Queen of Heaven.” (“The Mystical City of God” by Mary of Agreda) Why? Because Mary, as Mother of our Lord, had brought Jesus to Elizabeth. Someone asked Mother Teresa once why Catholics made such a big deal out of Mary. Her answer was: “Simple. No Mary, no Jesus.” It’s important to remember this and Elizabeth did. It’s also important to remember the reverse. No Jesus, no Mary. Our priorities need to be right and Elizabeth’s were. By offering all she had to the Blessed Virgin she was giving all to Christ. Once again, to Jesus through Mary. Mary brings Jesus to Elizabeth and by doing so brings Elizabeth to Him. She does the same today. We might say that this, visiting others for the sake of bringing Jesus to them and them to Jesus, is the essence of Her apostolate. What do we offer to God, through Mary, for this ultimate of Gifts? Do we, like Elizabeth, offer all? Or do we hang on to a few things, things we treasure? Relationships that are bad for us, habits, memories fueling doubt? If we keep these for ourselves doesn’t that prove we love the “gift” more than we do the Giver? If so, well, maybe we ought to make a visitation of our own. To the Blessed Sacrament.

Today … Saint Mary the Slave. Accused of being a Christian her owner, Tertullus, tried to save her but couldn’t. The girl was condemned and tortured horribly. So much so that the pagan crowd had pity and demanded her release. The prefect had her turned over to the custody of a Roman soldier who later helped her escape. She died a natural death but is venerated as a martyr because of her great suffering. Think about her pagan master, about the pagan crowd, and about the soldier involved. All these were non-Christian and yet they had pity, they cried out for mercy on another, they helped. We are never surrounded by the enemy. We are always in the company of those who need Christ.

Always … Like Mary, and Mary the Slave, be a vehicle to bring Jesus to others. God will take care of things from there. Just ask Elizabeth.

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