Sunday, October 28

Today’s Gospel reading, Mark 10:46-52, shows us Jesus with Bartimaeus. Jesus was walking, going from one town to the next to teach and teaching as He went. A crowd followed. All of this caused quite a stir as they passed people and homes along the way. Noise generally accompanies a stir. You don’t have to see noise, you know it’s there because you hear it. Bartimaeus was blind. He couldn’t see Jesus but he could hear the noise. Once he knew that all the ruckus was because Jesus was walking by he began to make noise of his own. He yelled out, over and over again, “Jesus! Jesus, Son of David, have pity on me!” Bartimaeus was sitting at the roadside. Why? He was begging. The blind and those afflicted in other ways often begged in order to meet their needs. People around him, probably some of those walking by, tried to shut him up. “Be quiet!” “Don’t cause a scene.” “Don’t bother Jesus, He’s busy.” “Jesus won’t pay any attention to the likes of you. Shut up!” Let me tell you this right now. NEVER, and I mean NEVER, give up praying (Luke 18:1), especially just because those around you tell you its a waste of time and you ought to give it up. NEVER!!! Back to Bartimaeus. They couldn’t shut him up. Thank God. Jesus called him over. People told him that Jesus was calling for him and that there was nothing to be afraid of. Never be afraid in calling out to God in prayer, there’s no reason to be. I can just see someone leading Bartimaeus to Jesus. And isn’t that what all of us who have a relationship with Him are supposed to be doing for those around us blinded by sin? When he stood before Jesus He asked him, “What do you want me to do for you?” Now you know Jesus knew what he wanted. But so as to not place Himself in a wrong position for that time and place (John 6:15) He asked. Some in the crowd probably thought he wanted money. This Rabbi gave alms to the poor. Surely that was it. Bartimaeus wanted money. But he said, “I want to see.” And he did. The first thing, the first Person he saw was Jesus. How glorious! To have eyes only for the Lord. And then? We’re told that the group continued on their way with Bartimaeus following Him. We never hear of Bartimaeus again. But you know, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that he was one of the followers there on the day of Pentecost.

Pray and NEVER shut up. ASK for what you need without fear. Be a guide for those who can’t see. And ALWAYS follow the One that restored YOUR sight. Always.

Today is St. Jude’s feast day. He is my patron. Thank you St. Jude.

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  1. A most happy and blessed Feast Day to you.

    • Thank you. And with your spirit. 🙂

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