Saturday, October 27

A Rosary Meditation … The Fifth Glorious Mystery, the Coronation. “Our Daughter Mary was chosen according to Our pleasure from amongst all creatures, the first one to delight us, and who never fell from the title and position of a True Daughter, such as We had given Her in Our Divine Mind; She has a claim on Our dominion, which we shall recognize by crowning Her as the legitimate and peerless Lady and Sovereign.” (“The Mystical City of God” by Mary of Agreda) These are the words of God the Father to the Heavenly Court as recorded by Mary of Agreda. God let all His faithful creation know Mary’s position and rank. And all were content with this, glad to have been blessed by God with such a Queen. We’re told in various places, the Holy Bible, visionaries, et cetera that Heaven is what I’ll call a “graded” place. We will all be rewarded according to our works, we will all be as happy as we can be given our state in grace at the time of our death, and we’ll all be content with our place in Heaven without knowing jealousy. We will all be happy with the grade we get. David, who was loved by God and had a very close relationship with Him, said, “I have chosen to be an abject in the house of my God, rather than to dwell in the tabernacles of sinners.” Psalms 84:10b. Jesus said to take the lowest place, Luke 14:10, rather than the highest. David understood this and made it his desire. Why? Because position, as wonderful as it may be, and it is wonderful or God wouldn’t have it that way, is not the ultimate point. Mary knew what this ultimate point was better than anyone else and so gained the highest place next to the Creator’s. Accepting the place of a handmaiden, a servant, she became not “a” queen but THE Queen. David, being content with, as some translations have it, the position of doorkeeper in God’s house, the position of a servant who let folks in like the doorman at a big hotel,was made a king of God’s people and a forefather of the Christ. This past Sunday’s Gospel reading saw James and John asking for an exalted rank, to set on the right and left hand of Jesus in His Kingdom, because at that point they did not understand the ultimate point. And what is it? The ultimate point consists of what exactly? Two simple things. The first is the position of servant. To be a servant is to be Christlike. Jesus emptied Himself, “taking the form of a servant.” Philippians 2:7. He is our example. The second thing is this: A faithful servant is always with his master, the one he serves. Christ, being a Faithful Servant, took His rightful place, 1 Peter 3:22, just as He will give us ours, Revelation 20:41a. Following His example, following Mary’s example, gets us a job as a servant in the House of God. And THAT, boiled down, is the ultimate of ultimate points here. We get to be there.

Today … St. Abraham the Poor. An anchorite, he was a follower of St. Pachomius. He lived in a cave for 17 years and when he died St. Theodore was there to help him. Think about it. Here was a poverty-stricken servant of God. So much so that his earthly poverty became a part of his name. I’m sure he understood that he was materially poor, and being humble I’m just as sure that he saw his spiritual poverty before God. Now who in their right mind would want an existence, a life, like that? Would you want to trade places with him? Now think about this. Is he poor NOW? Would you want to trade places with him NOW? 😉

Quote … “The amassing of money fuels the passions, for it leads to increasing indulgence in all kinds of sensual pleasure.” ~ St. Thalassios the Libyan ~ Seek the Kingdom of God FIRST and everything else will fall into its proper place. Matthew 6:33.

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