The Impending Loss of Religious Freedom

And it is impending. Much is being said about the health care mandate and related issues. I have heard NO ONE address the following …


“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof …” The U.S. Constitution.


Now consider. Note the word “Congress”. Congress cannot pass laws that would prohibit the free exercise of religion. This is a constitutional fact. Without a constitutional amendment this can’t be changed. But it isn’t Congress that decides what the Constitution MEANS when there is legal dispute. And there will be legal disputes, ongoing and having begun already, over the health mandate and freedom of religion. Who makes these decisions? Who “translates” the Constitution for modern, liberal America? The Supreme Court does. The Judicial branch has the final say in these matters and NOT Congress, which is the Legislative branch, or the Office of the President, which office is the Executive branch of the U.S. government. But WHO picks the Supreme Court Justices? The President. And THIS is how YOUR religious freedom is about to be LOST legally …


If Barack Obama is re-elected he will be the president in office who will pick the next TWO members of the Supreme Court. Currently the Court is evenly split between conservatives and liberals. They each offset the other creating a balance. Pres. Obama will pick liberals and the balance of power in the Supreme Court will shift to the liberals with no opportunity for balance. The legal battles I mentioned above will be tied up in courts long enough for this, the choosing of these new Supreme Court Justices, to happen. These law suits, once they reach the Supreme Court, will be settled with a liberal agenda. What does the “free exercise thereof” mean to the average individual? What does religious freedom mean to the people in the street who are fed pabulum, at best, by a liberal media fueled with advertising dollars gleaned from a self-centered, unschooled, instant gratification generation with no foresight because they don’t know history, thus condemning themselves to repeat it? For most people now days religious freedom, the free exercise of religion, means that you can believe what you want, worship where you please. But separation of Church and State, which principle is NOT in the Constitution (Go Google WHY Henry David Thoreau went to jail rather than pay a religious tax and you’ll have a better idea of the real meaning of separation of Church and State and what it was NEVER meant to be. It was a completely foreign concept for the founding fathers. If you don’t believe me take a look at that tax that so upset Thoreau, the author of “Civil Disobedience”.) qualifies religious freedom and keeps it in its proper place, again according to the unschooled and thoughtless, and that proper place is out of government, the school system and the market place. You can believe as you will and worship where you want but you WILL keep it to yourself. Which in effect limits religious freedom. The Supreme Court, staffed as it will be with liberals, will rule that this, the mindset I just described, is what is meant by the First Amendment. Believe what you want, go where you want, but keep it out of the legal, governmental way. Short version: You WILL obey laws, regardless what you believe, because of separation of Church and State and the other persons right to be free OF religion.


It won’t be Congress that takes away YOUR religious liberty. The president won’t either, at least not directly. It will be taken away by redefining it with the stroke of a legal pen. And in doing this they will claim that they are looking out for the American peoples best interest by protecting them from fanatics who desire to push their beliefs down the throat of the public. They will be protecting YOU and even the REAL, according to them, meaning of religious freedom.


Welcome to Ecclesiastes 10:2.

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