Wednesday, October 24

A Rosary Meditation … The Fourth Glorious Mystery, the Assumption. “The Apostles took upon their shoulders the Sacred Body and the Tabernacle of God … ” (“The Mystical City of God” by Mary of Agreda) The Blessed Virgin had passed from this life to the next. The Apostles carried her, the Mother of All Life, to her funeral. But this was not an end. It was a beginning. They didn’t know it yet but they were preparing the way for her journey into Heaven and her coronation as Queen of all creation. But for now it was a funeral, and a burden to be carried. Yesterday we saw Jesus and ourselves carry a cross. And it can seem like such a hard thing, to carry a cross. Today we see the men closest to Jesus carry the woman that they are closest to. And it no doubt seemed yet another cross. The cross that went to Calvary led to Glory. This cross also tends to the glorious. This is no ordinary lady. This is the REAL Ark of the Covenant and these men, the true priesthood of the New Covenant fulfilling the Old, carry her just as the shadows and types did long before. The shadows and types weren’t understood prior to their being revealed in the New Covenant by Jesus Christ. Now, here with a funeral, we have the beginnings of yet more understanding, more revelation. When we pray our Rosary do we realize that we hold in our hands a very real gift that comes to us from God via His Covenant Ark? Do we understand that in this simple string of beads are to be found the Ark and all it contains? The Word, the Manna from Heaven, the staff that, while seemingly dead, blossomed? Think of the Ark assumed into Heaven, which is where John saw her latter (Revelation 11:19 & 12:1), and think of your connection to her via that little string of beads and through her your connection to God. Your Rosary is more than you might think.

Today … St. Anthony Mary Claret was a weaver who wanted to be a Jesuit. He studied for the priesthood, trading his ability to weave cloth for the chance to weave a net. See Matthew 4:19 & John 21:11. His health prevented him from becoming a Jesuit so he served God by being a secular priest instead. There are many nets available for those with honest desire and no one, regardless of their circumstances, is denied the chance to go fishing. In 1849 he founded the Claretians. From 1850 through 1857 he served as the archbishop of Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. Latter he was the confessor of Queen Isabella II. He went into exile with the queen in 1868. He took part in Vatican Council I. He died in the Cistercian Monastery of Fontfroide on October 24, 1870. He wanted to be a Jesuit but couldn’t. Many of us get discouraged, and maybe even stop trying, when we try to serve in the way we think we should but can’t. That Gospel net, the one for catching souls for Jesus? It only breaks when we give up.

And so … “God decreed that all nations should be saved in Christ.” ~ Pope St. Leo the Great ~ Obviously your net is needed.

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  1. Beautiful sharing on Our Lady

    • Thank you. The subject matter makes it easy. 😉

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