Monday, October 22

A Rosary Meditation … The Fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation. “Most Holy Mary and Saint Joseph heard this canticle of Simeon, wondering at the exalted revelation it contained.” (“The Mystical City of God” by Mary of Agreda) Simeon, upon receiving the Divine Child into his arms, looked up to Heaven and praised God. Luke 2:29-32. He had seen the Promised One, he could die content. The two people closest to God, Mary and Joseph, stood there wondering at his words. What did it all mean? What it meant they would learn eventually, in this life for Mary, in the next for good Saint Joseph. But for now they do not understand. Consider this … These two are as close to God as any two people can be and yet there were things, important things, that they didn’t, at that point couldn’t, comprehend. God reveals to each of us what we need to know when we’re ready to know it, when we need to know it. Our all to human egos balk at this. We want what we want and we want it, all of it, now. And that would accomplish what exactly? Confusion, being overwhelmed, pride, and more. I’ve never seen a first grade class with a period set aside for calculus. Everything has its proper season. Ecclesiastes 3:1. Mary and Joseph set us a good example here. They didn’t question, they simply accepted. True, there is a time for questions. There is also a time for silence and acceptance. A time to wait and be still and know that He is God, and we aren’t. We can trust both His timing and His judgement, as Mary and Joseph did. When the time comes, as it did for Simeon, we’ll be presented with the Truth just as he was.

Today … Today we celebrate Blessed Pope John Paul II. A Marian Pope who loved his Mother and her Rosary. He is a personal hero of mine. Do you remember how sick and bent and frail he became towards the end of this, his earthly life? He never hid himself away. He continued to hold audiences, to be the very loving public Pope that he had been. I firmly believe that he loved life, all of it. The good, the bad, and all grades in between. And by showing himself in his weakness he let the world know that it’s not human weakness that matters. It’s the strength God gives us that holds us up regardless our circumstances, this is what matters. We are vessels. If we’re filled with self we are worthless. If we’re filled with Him, and John Paul was, then we are vessels of honor by dent of His loving presence. It doesn’t matter one bit if the container is old or bent or something less than beautiful by the worlds standards. It’s the heart of the matter that counts. Bl. John Paul proved that in both his times of strength and weakness. ~ “Blessed Pope John Paul II, please pray God for us all that we be given the strength we need to be the vessels God desires us to be.” ~

Blessed Pope John Paul II said … “Have no fear of moving into the unknown. Simply step out fearlessly knowing that I am with you, therefore no harm can befall you; all is very, very well. Do this in complete faith and confidence.”

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