Monday, October 15

A Rosary Meditation … The Second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation. “”When the most holy Mother Mary arrived at the house of Zacharias, the Precursor of Christ had completed the sixth month of his conception in the womb of St. Elizabeth. The body of the child John had already attained a state of great natural perfection …” (“The Mystical City of God” by Mary of Agreda) The paragraph goes on to describe the state of John’s soul as being, at this point, still tainted by original sin. Here we have a portrait of a child unborn. Six months from conception his body is perfect for its state of being at that time and his soul, the spiritual half there with his physical half, in a natural state of being given humanities fallen nature. John, as a person, was complete at this point. There is no hint at his ever having been incomplete. From the moment of his conception he has been fully there in his mother’s womb. All he lacks is birth. Fully human, he hasn’t yet experienced the light of day but is about to experience, while still in the womb, the Light of the Son. This is LIFE in its completeness. It is WHOLE and it is PRESENT. It is, before both God and man, human life in all its glory and with all of its God-given dignity and human rights. I’m sure that, at this point and all points following, Jesus and Mary and Joseph and John and Zacharias and Elizabeth were all very much pro-life. So much so that John, while yet unborn, leaped for joy in the presence of Life. And this reality is our key to the ballot box this November 6th.


Today … St. Teresa of Avila. Of noble Spanish blood she grew up reading about the saints, their lives and their works. Sufferer of illnesses, founder of an order, visionary, mystical writer, a Doctor of the Church. A most varied life, filled with experiences ranging from being healed of a crippling disease as a child to being disgusted with the lack of discipline in the order she joined prior to founding her own. Fully human and yet a saint. Being fully human, truly human according to God’s original design, might be one way of defining a saint. Lets pray to fully human St. Teresa to help us live out the definition of being fully human in our own lives and being the saints God wants us to be.


Plus … A personal word. October 28th is the feast of St. Jude, my Patron. It is also the fifth anniversary of my “death”. Five years ago on October 28th I went to hospital for the first time. I would’ve been dead within 24 to 48 hours if I hadn’t gone. I didn’t even know I was sick. I just felt puny. St. Jude, I honestly believe, was watching over me. Thank you, St. Jude, for your love and care and for being my Patron.

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