Tuesday, October 9

A Rosary Meditation … *** Today and tomorrow we’ll be doing something slightly different. We will look not at the Mysteries of the Rosary but at the Rosary itself. Then, beginning Thursday, we’ll return to the Mysteries with the help of Mother Mary by way of Mary of Agreda’s work “The Mystical City of God.” *** The Rosary is a type of mystery in its self. Hundreds of years ago the average person couldn’t read or write. The poor peasants, unlearned as they were, had a heart-felt desire to take part in the daily prayers and readings of Holy Mother Church. But because they were largely untaught they couldn’t. Days filled with toil were also an impediment. What to do? Mother Mary had the answer. Giving her Rosary to St. Dominic she blessed her children with a way to take part in what they desired to be a part of but couldn’t. The Psalms have always been a big part of the Churches daily readings and meditations, moving through all of them, from #1 all the way through #150, on a regular basis. With the Rosary the common folk could take part not by praying the 150 Psalms that they couldn’t read but by praying the 150 Hail Marys of the Rosary that they could memorize. Today there is a different type of ignorance in the world. Many more can read and write and leisure time is a luxury so taken for granted as to go unnoticed. But there is great ignorance of spiritual matters among the common folk. And again, via Fatima and other apparitions, Mother Mary once again offers us the chance to take part in Divine Knowledge through her Rosary. Hundreds of years ago, with its 150 Hail Marys, it took the place of the Psalms for the average person. Today, with its Mysteries and attendant prayers, it can be a substitute for a human teacher and with it we can celebrate and learn of all the Mysteries of our Holy Catholic Faith. The Rosary … As wonderful today as it was on the day it passed from Mary’s hand to Dominic.


Today … St. Dennis was a missionary to Paris and the cities first bishop. Imprisoned by angered pagans he was martyred for preaching and teaching the Divine Mysteries. The Faith has always angered those who refuse to listen, refuse to believe. We can help put an end to the darkness that this anger, fueled by self-will, gives rise to. How to end the darkness? By letting our light shine like St. Dennis did. And with light in mind, have you ever noticed how the beads of a Rosary seem to glisten? It’s because they hold a light in their prayers and mysteries that darkness can’t hold back. Dispel the darkness. Support the Rosary.


Later … Later today, God willing, I have a thought to share with my p.m. post. If you can please take a look. There is a question often asked by modern skeptics of the Gospel that seems hard if not impossible to answer. But the answer is simple.


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