Question: What makes us think that … ???

Question: “What makes us think that 2,000 years after the fact, and 2,000 years removed from the Source, we can understand the teachings of Jesus any better than the people did that were actually there with Him? After all, the Bible says clearly that they didn’t understand His teaching. What makes us think we can?”

The above question, worded differently by various folks, is often asked by modern skeptics. That last part, “What makes us think we can?”, is rhetorical, the logic being considered unassailable. But it’s not. As a matter of fact its flawed from one end to the other, based as it is on a false assumption that many people miss. And I can be sympathetic with those asking the above because I used to ask it too. It’s an honest question, it’s just based on a wrong premise. And so …

Being 2,000 years removed from the Source. Who says? Jesus said He would be with us always, even til the end of the age. Matthew 28:20. Did He lie? Was He wrong? To be near the Source all I have to do is go to the nearest Tabernacle. Being 2,000 years removed from the Source is a basic false assumption here.

Gaining knowledge of God’s truth didn’t end with the Ascension. It was just beginning. What happened just a few weeks later? Jesus had made a promise. He said He would send the Holy Spirit and that the Spirit would teach us all of truth.  Obviously meaning that we, they, still had lots to learn. See John 16:13. The Spirit of God came to Jesus’ Church on the day of Pentecost to teach, guide, and protect. No where am I told that He left. So, again, how are we separated from the Source? He was with us then, He is with us now, and the learning experience continues. We are in no way removed or separated from the Source. Consider the questions that have come to us over the centuries that no one ever had reason to think about before because certain situations didn’t even exist and the subsequent answers we’ve received. If someone had asked Peter or Paul what the Church’s stand on stem cell research was 2,000 years ago they wouldn’t have understood the question. That doesn’t make them ignorant, it means the world changes and as it does we are taught new things to answer new questions. Old truths are more fully understood in the light of these new questions. This proves a Real Presence, not being separated from our Source.

What makes us think we can understand now when they couldn’t or didn’t then? How about, in no particular order … 2,000 years worth of being taught, 2,000 of personal experience multiplied by thousands of Godly saints, 2,000 years of study, 2,000 years worth of practical living of the Faith in a hostile environment, the living Presence in the Tabernacle for all this time and for all the time left til He comes again, the indwelling of the Church by the Holy Spirit (God Himself, the Ultimate Teacher), 2,000 years worth of accumulated knowledge and wisdom that has a kind of snowball effect, 2,000 years of persecution in a Satanic effort to do away with knowing the Truth and destroy the Church which is the earthly vehicle for Truth’s delivery (miracle of miracles, after 2,000 years God’s true Church still stands and the gates of hell have not prevailed), the belief, well founded if we consider God to be both honest and loving, that He wouldn’t offer us the truth and then hide it, 2,000 years of knowing that Jesus IS the Truth (Truth is more than a concept, it’s a Person), all of this and no end in sight.

And then there is the clincher. One simple word that embodies all the above and infinitely more.  Doubters can think whatever they like about this. They will anyway. Their ability to doubt? Its called “free will”. But the real clincher is simple. What makes us, me, you, think we can understand when they didn’t understand way back when?


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