Monday, October 8

A Rosary Meditation … The Fifth Joyful Mystery brings us to Jerusalem, to the temple. Jesus is now 13. In the Judea of 2,000 years ago, according to the Jewish custom of the day, He is now “of age”.  He could be engaged, make plans for His future, begin a normal Jewish life. He did none of these things. He was obedient to the will of others, to the will of Another. He was found in the temple by Mary and Joseph doing His Father’s will, His Father’s work. He is doing here what He always did, what He prayed for in the garden before His crucifixion. “Your will Father, not mine, be done.” He went back home with Mary and Joseph, He was subject (obedient) to them. He sets us, as always, our example. Paul taught that we should be subject to authority, even the ones we don’t like and that don’t like us. Hostile to us or to our faith it doesn’t matter. Only when presented with man’s will as opposed to God’s will are we allowed to disobey the one in favor of the Other. Matthew 23:2, Romans 13:1-2, Acts 5:29. This ought to cause us some sincere soul-searching. Are we obedient … To the Magisterium? The traffic cop? Our parents? The parish priest? The boss at work? The … list goes on. How do we measure up to the obedient example He set for us?


Today … Our saint today is John Leonardi. Founder of the Clerks Regular of the Mother of God he worked closely for a time with St. Philip Neri. He also dedicated much of his life to working with the sick. It was while working with victims of the plague that he also became sick and died. When the duties of his order called, when St. Neri required his assistance, when the sick patient called out for water, what did our saint do? He did what Jesus had shown him by example. He obeyed.


All of which means … “We are at Jesus’ disposal.” ~ Blessed Teresa of Calcutta ~



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