We do not fully realize the harm that our uncharitableness can cause to another. Truly, the happiness of our families, the happiness of our friends, and also the happiness of our acquaintances all depend upon mutual accord and kindly attitude. This happiness is so dependant upon our powerful words! They cut to the quick, or they sooth and heal. They inspire courage or they arouse anger and revenge.

If we have not been perfect in this matter, let us begin now to be charitable. Let us always seal our lips against cutting remarks, unkind insinuations and unfavorable words.

Many a heart has writhed in pain because of poisoned arrows that have pierced to its very core. Many souls have walked through life dripping with their own blood – slashed by the wicked or the thoughtless words of the human tongue.

“Detraction dries up the very source of piety and grace because the detractor feeds on the blood of souls he has murdered with the sword of his tongue,” St. Francis of Assisi.

To speak wisely may not always be easy, but not to speak ill requires only silence.

(The above is taken from “Sheltering the Divine Outcast”, by St. Therese, the Little Flower. Carmelite spirituality on a Benedictine’s site? Hey, we may wear different jerseys but we’re all on the same team.)

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