The Eternal Present

“For the Lord, the past does not exist; the future does not exist. Everything is an eternal present … Even now I can pray for the happy death of my great-grandfather!” St. Padre Pio.

For God there is no past tense, no future tense. There is only the eternal now. God is outside time, time being a part of His creation, not a part of the Creator.

Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever more! Never changing, unchangeable.

In my heart I believe, even as my intellect understands as best it’s able, that the Man Jesus was born into time, that He is always the Babe in the manger, forever the dyeing Savior on the cross for love of me, eternally the Triumphant God-Man risen from the grave. He is the Lord, and He tells me “I change not.”

His unchanging Person is one of the reasons I can trust in Him. Nothing fickle in my Redeemer. Once He said He loves me and forever He will.

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