The 7 Last Words of Jesus: Word 5

“I thirst.” John 19:28.

My thought here is very simple. As Catholics we are taught that when we suffer we should “offer it up” because there is redemptive value in suffering. Now Christ offering Himself on the cross was more than enough to redeem this world and an infinite number of others. But because He loves us He allows us to take part, to offer up our sufferings with His, making redemption a group effort. Again, He has no need of our assistance but He has the love towards us that not only allows us to take part but actually desires us to do so. With this as background information my thought here is this: Why offer only our sufferings? Why not offer our wholesome pleasures for His consolation as well? Again, He has no need. But just because He has no need does that mean He has no desire? Doesn’t He desire my love? If I stand before Jesus crucified with comfort and love in my heart towards Him and drink a cool, refreshing glass of water for love of Him and to console Him will this not be a meritorious act? Won’t He gladly accept such an offering of love? I think it would be a wonderful practice for us all, given that His desire is indeed a thirst for our love, to offer up to Him for His consolation all of our wholesome pleasures daily.

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  1. I really love that idea. The more I surrender myself to Jesus, the more these little thoughts come to me as well. Thank You for sharing these little treasures Jude.

  2. He gave His all for us and still does. When we do all we can do its still the least we can do. Thanks, Jim.

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