The 7 Last Words of Jesus: Word 4

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Matthew 27:46.

Can you imagine how He felt? His friends had left Him, His mother is in tears, the people He had cured of illnesses, the folks out of whom He had cast demons, the multitudes that He had fed miraculously, the droves of listeners that had hung on His every word as He taught, all gone as He is hung upon the cross. No doubt He felt alone, forsaken, discarded by all. These words show me the truly human side of Christ. He is sinless, this I know. It’s not a sin to be alone, to feel forsaken, to cry out in anguish. Perhaps it is a sin to hold these things in. I don’t know. I do know that when I hold back my own pain, my own fear and aloneness that all I accomplish is interior damage. Maybe this is how He teaches me to turn to others, to turn to friends, to turn to my confessor, to turn to Him when I’m alone and feeling the separation in my soul that arises from such a loneliness. Maybe this is how He teaches me that its ok to be fully human. Perhaps this is how He teaches me to be there for you when you are frightened and alone. The sky was darkened while Jesus hung there on the cross. It’s no shame to be afraid of the dark. What a shame it is to hide my light under a bushel so that others who are lost in a fearful darkness have no chance to see the Light that is Christ Jesus shine out to them through me. And you.

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