The 7 Last Words of Jesus: Word 3

“Woman, behold, your son … Behold, your mother.” John 19:26-27.

Holy Mother Church teaches me that it is here that Jesus gave Mary to all of us as our mother. True, it was John that took her home and cared for her but just as the gift of justification was meant for all so is this gift meant for each of us. As with any gift given it must be accepted so that the benefit of the gift may be experienced. How many gifts does God offer that go unclaimed? Unclaimed because I am to busy with worldly concerns to notice the offer. Unclaimed because I am so stubborn and proud that I think I’m self-sufficient. Unclaimed due to an out-and-out lack of appreciation. I should very much appreciate the love and concern expressed here by Jesus. Once more He sets self aside in order to care for others. Again, it’s not about His pain but rather about my need. The Creator of Heaven and earth and all that they contain here, in all His veiled grandeur, puts something else first. And that something is a lowly, sinful creature. Me. To give me, to give you, His own mother!?! He has already given Himself. He keeps nothing for Himself, not even His own mom. And for her part she stands there, in her pure and sinless state, and co-operates fully with the Divine Will. She allows herself to be given and is glad for the gift and the Giver. For her part the gift she receives is … me. In living my life how do I respond to her generosity? Do I live as though thankful? And how do I respond to His Divine Benevolence? Have I ever said thank You?

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