The 7 Last Words of Jesus: Word 1

“Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.” Luke 23:34.

In the history of the world never had a man, in his death agony, made such a plea. Human nature would curse or beg or rail against God. But there was more than human nature involved here. I’m not speaking about the Divine Nature. I mean that here we see more than human nature in that we see sinless human nature. Here is human nature, not as we experience it due to our fallen nature, but here is human nature as it was meant to be. Perfect. Selfless. Dissect that last word. Self less. It puts real living into perspective. To lose our life in that we give it over to another is to gain true life, lasting life , if that “another” is God. Here Jesus shows the outcome of such living. Mercy towards the unmerciful. Love towards those that hate. Forgiveness in the face of ignorance. And this is the example He gives us. Because at some point we were all like those and in need of His mercy, love, and forgiveness. Now we are to follow Him, and while still needy He gives us grace to be less like self and more like … Him. Not to worry about being needy. He doesn’t leave us to our own devices. He is here with us, via His Body the Church, to help and comfort and supply us with that much needed grace I just mentioned. And if they treated His body like this while He hung on the cross we ought not to wonder at the way the world treats us if we are members of His Body the Church. Those following after self will always hate a selfless example because it hurts their conscience. We are the salt of the earth. Living a life for self alone is like carrying an open wound. What happens when you put salt on an open wound? Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.

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