The Motorcycle Prophet

I have for decades referred to Jonah as the motorcycle prophet. I began calling him that long before electronic ignitions. You had to kick-start motorcycles back then. Calling Jonah the motorcycle prophet made more sense then. God had to kick-start Jonah to get him going. If you’ve read the book you know what I mean. If not, well, go read it now. Its only four short chapters covering about two pages. I love Jonah. He is so human. So … me. God sends him to Nineveh. What does he do? Jumps a ship going in the opposite direction. I can hardly blame him. Nineveh was famous. Infamous. When they caught an enemy, and the Jews were their enemies, they would skin them alive and tack the human hides to the outside of the city wall as a warning to others. But going in the other direction never leads away from God. He is bigger than direction. Get to that someplace else and guess what? God is there too. So much for running. I’ve done some running, jumped a couple of ships trying to get away, in my life. Where did it get me? Well, I wasn’t swallowed by a big fish like Jonah. By the way, that was a blessing and not a curse because being swallowed like that and then tossed up (and I do mean tossed up) on shore was how God kept Jonah from drowning. And the shore? A lot closer to Nineveh than Jonah’s boat trip would’ve taken him. But back to me and my running. Happily I ran right into the arms of a loving Father. Funny how He works things like that out. I thought He’d be to busy looking after the other 99 sheep to come looking for me. Me, running, looking over my shoulder, trying to get away. Looking over my shoulder, looking at my past, is what tripped me up. God was in front of me where I wasn’t looking. In front. The Good Shepherd always leads the way for His sheep. Me and Jonah. Where’s that electronic ignition when you need it? 😉

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