Thinking on the Four Last Things: #3

The Four Last Things: #3 … Heaven.

Ahh. Things take a turn for the better. Something pleasant. Death and judgement can be, indeed are, scary. There is a valid reason for the fear. We weren’t made for either one. But we were made for Heaven. Probably why we find a variation of it in just about every religion and culture. Earth was to be our school-house, I think, to get us ready for a higher level of being and experience. And it still is. But the point here isn’t earth. It’s Heaven. What is Heaven? A place of perfect happiness. What makes for perfect happiness? We’re with God, we see God, we experience God. God makes for perfect happiness. It would be impossible to live in His presence and not know perfect happiness. The key word here is “live”. A soul that’s dead, even if in a living body, won’t be happy there. It’s own lifelessness would be its own torment. But I don’t want to think about the dead here. Let the dead bury their dead. Here we concentrate on life and the living. Heaven is perfect because God is perfect. All perfection, all happiness, all contentment, all truth, all life, all love originate with Him. Therefore He and He alone is the perfect expression of all these and infinitely more. All of Him and the union of my soul with Him, my having received Him eternally in Heaven even as I do here now on earth via the Holy Eucharist, my being united with God, my “owning” God if you will (for He gives Himself to me even as He gave Himself for me), this and more than the mind can understand, more than the eye can see, more than the tongue can tell given all of eternity to do it, this is Heaven. In Heaven I shall possess God in direct proportion to my growth in Him during this life on earth. This is called “reward”. Rewards vary, but if you are happier than me we won’t know it, it won’t matter because we’ll both be as happy as we can be. All contests of ego, “I’ve got more than you’ve got!”, will have ended. This is to experience God without interruption and without any distraction. This is Heaven. This is the Beatific Vision.


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