Thinking on the Four Last Things: #2

The Four Last Things: #2 … Judgement.

After death comes the Judgement. Judgement comes twice and at two different times. The first is immediately after death and is refered to as the “personal” judgement. Its called that because that’s what it is. The person dies, the human spirit goes back to God Who gave it, and is judged as an individual then and there. The second judgement, called the “general” judgement, occurs at the time of the resurrection of the dead. I’ve heard it said, and this sounds logical, that the first judgement is very much between God and myself. My life, good and bad, is shown to me and I am allowed to both see and understand it’s impact on me, Him, and our relationship. My Heaven or hell is decided at this point. The general judgement is of a different kind and for a different reason. Everything not washed away by the Blood of the Lamb is seen in its entirety so that we can all see and understand the great effects of sin on not only self, God, and that personal relationship, but so that the true nature and horror of sin with all its reverberations, it’s effects on others and creation as a whole, will be understood so that the justice of God will be seen for what it truly is. His justice is just. Nothing will be a matter of guess-work at either judgement. Both will be flawless, fair, and final. Judgement is not a complicated issue. Every human being can understand the concept. There is, I believe, a reason for that. The understanding of “judgement” is programmed in just like the need for God and the natural fear of the un-natural state we know as death. Again, the individual’s Heaven or hell is settled at the personal judgement right after death. This is the one we need to concentrate on, the one we need to get right. Get the first one right and the second one takes care of itself. Better put: Get the first one right and He’ll take care of both you and the second one.

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  1. i have heard in my life two different answers to the question of forgiveness is that you ask for forgiveness and you are forgiven and GOD forgets and forgives so don’t fret ..stop harping he said he forgives you and you have to forgive yourself ,which is not an easy task , the second is you ask for forgiveness and are forgiven and when you die you will have to answer for it .., which does not seem to be much comfort to me …as a sinner , i much prefer the first answer

  2. I understand. That personal judgement can sound like a scary thing. But if a person dies in God’s grace, and that’s what we aim for with Him more than willing to help us and go the extra mile both for us and with us, I think this personal judgement will be more like setting in a confessional with the kindest of Priests knowing that it is all ok. For myself I think that when we die we know if we’re right and so there will be no surprises, no fears. I like what Bishop Fulton J. Sheen said. He said that when he died he would stand before Jesus and say, “My name is Fulton Sheen.” Then he said he expected Jesus to look at him, smile, and say, “Oh, I know you. My Mother has told me all about you.” 😉

  3. I think I may be pretty safe with that ,lol..LORD knows his mother would know me pretty well .I talk to her enough..sometimes I picture her saying ,,enough already ,I said I would talk to him …probally just mine own personality reflected in there ..

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