Thinking on the Four Last Things: #1

I have, in the past, dealt with the four last things. Death, judgement, Heaven, hell. I feel to dwell on each a little more, to consider them again. These are like all of our Catholic Truths. We can never exhaust their meaning, depth, or profundity. With these things in mind I’ll begin here, in the order listed above.

The Four Last Things: #1 … Death.

Has a rather final sort of ring to it, doesn’t it? And so it should. The great equalizer. It happens to us all, sinner and saint alike. Even Jesus died. So, just exactly what is death? Well, I’m given to understand that death comes in two types. There is spiritual death. This is the separation of the human spirit from God the Divine Spirit. The cause of spiritual death is sin. In the garden of Eden, while they were sin free, Adam and Eve walked with God. He gave them only one commandment and that was to not eat the fruit of a certain tree. That”s all He asked of them. And He warned them that if they did eat it they would die on that very day. Well, we all know the story. They ate the fruit and as a result were no longer able to walk with God as they had before. They were separated from Him. Spiritual death is a separation of man from God caused by sin. Separation. Is it any wonder that God hates divorce? The second type of death is physical death. This seems, in the natural realm, much more blatant because it is so noticable. Physical death raises quit a stink. You can’t miss it. Physical death results when the spirit goes back to God Who gave it. In other words the human spirit leaves the human body. Again, death is a separation. And once again the cause is sin. A good point to make here is that death is not final. Man can be put back in right standing with God through Christ. This means that he lives again in the spirit. Physical death will also be overcome. Every human spirit will, at the Resurrection of the Dead, be put back in the human body it came from and each person will live again. The question is this: When the resurrection occurs, will the spirit that is put back in the physical body be alive or dead? The answer to this question can only be yes or no and can only be settled in this human life upon earth. After physical death the spiritual reality of life or death will be settled once for all and that for all eternity. There are no “do overs”. If I don’t get life right before death there will be no second chance. And that is, in part at least, because God gives me chance after chance here and now. I have heard that God is a God of the second chance. As many second chances as I need so long as I live. So long as I live. Then … Death settles it. Death is a separation, a dividing line if you will. God made His choice for me on Golgotha’s mound. I have this life to decide which side of the line I prefer to be on. Which is more than I deserve. I should keep in mind that He was not obligated to me in any way. What He did and does He did and does out of love for me. This proves His Mercy and Kindness. I should also keep in mind that my next breath is not guaranteed. What He does for me proves His Love for me. What I do with that will prove my love or lack of love for Him and settle my eternity here and now. And after death comes the …

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